iAcquire creates unique blog content

Using Consumer Insights to Create Unique Content

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a digital marketing firm gathered consumer insights to help create shareable content for their blog.



iAcquire is a global leader in digital brand strategy and marketing services engagement for SEO, reputation management, content marketing, digital public relations, and social media marketing. They know that having high-quality and unique online content can be the key to driving business growth through content marketing. They also know firsthand that creating truly customized content can be hard work.
However, when iAcquire partnered up with SurveyMonkey Audience, they demonstrated just how quickly and easily it could be to get from having a concept to having meaningful and shareable content. iAcquire designed a simple survey based on three points they wanted consumer insights about — all focused on how consumers behave online.

Key Insights

iAcquire’s survey focused on the following three goals:

  • What are people searching for online?
  • How are consumers using their mobile devices to search online?
  • How are Internet users using social media in their daily lives?

Using the data collected, iAcquire was able to access specific and actionable insights about how consumers behave online. With actual results from their survey, they created several pieces of fresh and powerful content, including a video you can check out below:

Putting Results Into Action

In addition to the video above, iAcquire created a three part blog series about behavioral search patterns, mobile search patterns, and social media behaviors. The blog posts allowed readers to share the content via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Within each post, iAcquire featured bite-size infographics that could be instantly shared on Twitter, as well as one comprehensive infographic that was shareable and embeddable. All in all, iAcquire was able to generate thousands of views, clicks, and shares through their unique and remarkable content.

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