HomeAdvisor refreshes their brand

Improving Branding and Design Concepts with Consumer Insights

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, an online service tested business and design concepts for a major re-branding project.



HomeAdvisor is a free online service for homeowners to find and connect with top-rated and pre-screened service professionals in their area. Formerly known as ServiceMagic, the company underwent a substantial re-brand to become HomeAdvisor in September 2012. In addition to changing their brand name, HomeAdvisor also decided to implement a complete homepage redesign for their website at the same time.

Before launching the new company name and homepage, HomeAdvisor decided to gather feedback from homeowners to help understand which homepage design would resonate best with their target audience. The company constructed a simple survey and asked respondents for insights about each option. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, HomeAdvisor was able to gather opinions from over 450 homeowners in a matter of days.

Key Insights

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Guiding Design Decisions

HomeAdvisor presented a visual mock-up of their new homepage design and then asked respondents to indicate the likelihood they would check out such a service for more information either through a website or mobile application. Over 80% of respondents indicated they would be at least somewhat likely to check out a service based on the mock-up design HomeAdvisor ended up using for their homepage.

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Validating Brand Appeal

To help decide on their new brand name, HomeAdvisor decided to get feedback from potential customers about the proposed options. When listed in random order, the majority of respondents chose the name “HomeAdvisor.com” as the most appealing brand name for the service and homepage design described in the survey.

Putting Results Into Action

HomeAdvisor used the data gathered from their SurveyMonkey Audience projects to help guide the company towards their ultimate choice of website content and homepage design for their new brand. The consumer insights collected also helped validate that the new HomeAdvisor brand name was appealing to their target market and was a good fit for the direction the business wanted to go in the future.

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