DiveeUp optimizes their web content

Improving Products and Services with Consumer Insights

Using SurveyMonkey Audience, a startup gathered feedback on their product features and homepage design.


DiveeUp — an online group planning tool — helps people coordinate outings with friends by addressing the main obstacles many of us face when planning group events: researching and coordinating the excursion, confirming commitment, and finally collecting payment from all attendees. Like most startups, the team at DiveeUp had an endless number of ideas about how to build their product as well as the site on which it would eventually live. They were eager to validate the event-organizing technology at the core of their business, determine which homepage configurations were the most appealing, and gather feedback on their overall product design. For answers to these pressing questions, DiveeUp turned to SurveyMonkey Audience.

Key Insights

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Validating the Core Business

DiveeUp’s first order of business was to test out the entire group planning tool concept with their consumers. 13% of the survey’s respondents reported that they’d definitely use the tool, and 53% felt “it might be useful”. These initial results confirmed DiveeUp’s assumption that there was indeed a market for their product — evidence they were eager to learn.

Fine-tuning Homepage Design

When presented with various homepage options, respondents were asked to select their favorite based on the following criteria: ease of navigation, clear communication about the product’s offering, and the ability to find deals on available activities. Respondents named their preferences and provided critical design feedback — establishing the foundation for how the DiveeUp team developed the homepage’s new layout.

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Improving the Payment Process

When prompted to look at a mockup of the event checkout page, 47% of the respondents did not realize that their credit cards were being charged by Visa/MasterCard to pay for the cost of the event. Instead, these respondents believed DiveeUp was charging them to use the service. Surprised to hear that so many people were confused about the existing payment process, DiveeUp prioritized building a “What’s this?” pop-up feature to clearly explain the checkout procedure.

Putting Results Into Action

With SurveyMonkey Audience, the DiveeUp team created a survey that included screenshots of proposed features and collected meaningful feedback from consumers in a matter of days. The results gave the team the data they needed to build a roadmap that included specific improvements to their product. DiveeUp was able to build the newest iteration of their site with confidence and provide their customers with even better tools for their event-planning needs.

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