Brand tracking: Measure and increase the power of your brand

Track your brand awareness, brand loyalty, and more key metrics with our
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Build your brand into more than a logo
Track evolving perceptions of your brand as you work to delight customers and establish brand loyalty.
Listen to your market to track intangible value
Sales rise or fall, but can you tell why? Brand tracking helps you monitor consumer sentiment closely.
Real-time results from consumers worldwide
With our global panel, you can keep track of your brand’s key metrics in over 100 countries and see results in minutes.
Why is tracking crucial for your brand strategy?

Measure your branding budget's ROI

Advertising campaigns are costly. Brand awareness surveys are a fast and on-budget way to check their impact.

Check the pulse of consumer sentiment

Surveys help you know whether consumers have warm, fuzzy feelings for your brand, or are turning cooler toward it.

See how you stack up against your rivals

New competitors enter the field. Consumers change their views. Brand loyalty surveys help you check the pulse of the market.

React fast when your brand is in the news

Run a brand attributes survey to detect any changes in the public perception of your brand.
Brand Tracking

Measure all your crucial brand metrics with SurveyMonkey Audience

Surveys can answer your questions at all stages of the brand conversion funnel. Send repeat surveys to consumers in your target market, stay within your budget, and detect trends over months and years.

Brand awareness

Have consumers heard of your brand?

Brand familiarity

How well do consumers know your brand? Have they used it?

Brand personality

What attributes do consumers associate with your brand?

Brand favorability

Do consumers like your brand more or less than your rivals?

Brand consideration

Is your brand in consumers' consideration set?

Brand choice

What brand would be consumers' top choice?

Brand loyalty

Do consumers in your category switch brands a lot?

Brand Net Promoter® Score

Are consumers willing to recommend your brand to others?
How to power your brand research with SurveyMonkey Audience

Reach your target market now

Our global panel is the most precise way to access your ideal sample. Use targeting options, custom screening questions, and more to find consumers in any group.

Measure often, act faster

Conduct brand tracking studies more often than ever with our fast, cost-effective solution. Monitor your brand’s perception before, during, and after campaigns to measure impact.

Avoid bias in your sample

Our panelists cannot take the same survey twice in a 100-day period, which guarantees your unaided brand awareness results are reliable.

Analyze trends, get insights

Use our Analyze tool to filter and compare results. Export data into statistical software for powerful analytics.
Brand Tracking

See how GoPro tracks brand health with SurveyMonkey Audience

“SurveyMonkey Audience makes it easier and faster to help our clients make decisions about their brand direction or gain valuable insight into their target market.”
Mariko Hickerson
CEO, Huckleberry Branding
Huckleberry Branding

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