Our vision is to raise the bar for human experiences by amplifying individual voices. This vision guides every decision we make—whether it’s about our products, policies, or culture. 

Our mission is to power the curious. We help organizations around the world turn feedback into action, fueling their ability to grow and innovate. We know that asking the right questions is the first step toward building a better world, and we believe in equality and in elevating all voices—especially the ones that might not otherwise be heard.

We believe that by harnessing the power of feedback we can change what’s possible—and transform our teams, organizations, communities, and the world into better, brighter futures.


Learn about the causes SurveyMonkey cares most about, and what we're doing to address them!

SurveyMonkey’s values are our guiding principles for how we operate day-to-day. We use them to make business decisions, define our culture, and measure our success. We developed them with the best interests of our customers, employees, and community in mind and pursue them relentlessly every day.


Curiosity is our superpower. We embrace a growth mindset, we take risks, and we learn from the outcomes.

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We grow and innovate right alongside our customers. To deliver value to them, we listen, we understand, we act—and we keep at it.

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Our customers, colleagues, and community inspire us to compete, win, and give back. We focus, we act with integrity, and we own the results.


We succeed as one global team. We are accountable to one another, value opinions, and communicate with clarity and kindness. We prioritize health and support one another.

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We champion diversity and welcome individuality. Together, we create an equitable workplace where each person can truly belong and do their best work.

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SurveyMonkey for Good is committed to empowering local communities, using technology to create positive change, and advocating for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

Through our SurveyMonkey Contribute platform, we’ve given over $15 million to deserving nonprofits chosen by our users. SurveyMonkey for Good’s work also includes volunteer programs, social advocacy, and employee resource groups. Each of our programs is designed to have a meaningful, measurable impact on issues that our community cares about.