Consumers Warm Up to Wearables

August Trends Tracker

Aug_trends_trackerWelcome back to our monthly Trends Tracker report, a monthly briefing on consumer trends that are likely to have a big impact for businesses and investors. SurveyMonkey Audience teamed up again with Blueshift Research, an investment research firm, to track how shifting opinions and behavior are shaping the American marketplace.

For this month’s consumer trends survey, we surveyed 1,029 US consumers on 20 topics, including voting, home buying, technology, TV services, drug laws, and more.

So, what’s in this month’s report? Here are five highlights:

  • Cable TV vs. the Internet: 1% of respondents abandoned Cable TV in August.
  • Digital Wallets: Only 10% of respondents used a digital wallet in August.
  • Tobacco Consumption: 8.8% of tobacco consumers primarily use e-cigs to save money
  • Grocery Shopping: More than 50% of respondents did their primary shopping at local grocery chains–not big-box stores.
  • Smartphone Gamers: Most smartphone gamers are between 30 and 44 years old.

Here’s a deeper look at the month’s biggest consumer trend. To see all our findings, download the report.

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This month’s newest trend: Wearable technology

The newest trend coming out of this month’s report is consumer adoption of wearable technology. According to Blueshift Research, some analysts believe wearables will be the next big market for consumer technology.

Our report indicates that adoption remains low, but there is interest in wearables that may grow over time. Apple’s potential entry into the market could be a game-changer and create a significant increase in adoption.

And with more people wearing technology, we could see huge shifts in how people use technology. Just as the tablet revolutionized the way consumers use mobile, wearable technology could catalyze a similar change. Today they’re strongly associated with fitness, but adoption will drive innovation that enable non-fitness companies to capitalize on this trend as well.

This month, we found that approximately one third of respondents are at least slightly likely to adopt wearable technology within the next three months, and 4.5% of respondents already have wearable devices.


The trend is most pronounced among 18-29 year olds with nearly 50% at least slightly likely to adopt in the next 3 months. Overall, the devices are primarily being considered or adopted by those 44 years or younger.


We predict that interest in wearables will continue to grow over time, not only due to Apple’s entry into the market, but also due to other trends we’ve observed. In last month’s report, we saw a significant focus on healthy living habits indicating that consumers are becoming more health conscious.

That trend is continuing this month, with three times the number of respondents reporting that they have improved their living habits during the past six months as those who reported a decline in habits.


Consumers also reported this month that they are increasingly downloading fitness apps, indicating that wearable technology adoption may follow. When asked which apps consumers are using now that they were not using a month ago, fitness apps were notably gaining popularity.

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