Uncover what your target audience will pay for your product. Determine the ideal price point using industry-proven Van Westendorp methodology.

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Our analysis features leverage high-quality data from relevant target audiences, making it easy to see a winning price range in hours, not months.

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Use guided methodology and in-product best practices to get specific insights from your target customers and set the right price for existing products or services.

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Optimize pricing based on various niche target audiences. Easily see their willingness to pay with easy-to-read, automated data visualizations.

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Van Westendorp methodology

Van Westendorp Price Sensitivity Meter is the industry standard for price optimization studies. It captures your customers’ price sensitivity, their purchasing ability, how they think about buying a product or service—and crucially, how much they are willing to pay for a specific product.

This method helps you assess a range of prices at once—saving time, while quickly providing actionable insights.

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Our intuitive and expert-methodology-backed solution enables anyone to perform pricing research, without being limited by pricing expertise.

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Gain access to trusted data from 175M+ people in 130+ countries. Data is automatically cleaned and outlier responses are removed leaving you with only the most reliable insights.

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In-product guidance and best practices ensure confidence in every setup decision, while also providing suggestions for analyzing and sharing insights.

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“We were hoping to find the ideal price point for our lowest B2C SaaS subscription tier. We not only validated a range for pricing our subscription, but discovered new customer segments with higher willingness to pay!”

Devin Owen, CEO, Savviest, Inc.

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Product Concept Analysis

Test product ideas and compare against industry benchmarks.

Packaging Design Analysis

Get feedback from your target audience on packaging designs.

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Quickly test and prioritize early-stage product or creative ideas with your target audience.