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Track your brand performance at the speed the market moves

Use our Brand Tracker to spot trends, monitor key metrics, and get up-to-the minute insights on how your brand evolves over time.

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Stay on top of your brand health by instantly surfacing meaningful trends and continuously collecting insights from your target consumers.

Keep a pulse on your brand health; uncover what impacts sentiment.

Measure brand awareness and growth over time.

Track new entrants in your market; benchmark how your brand is perceived against competitors.

See how perceptions of your brand shift over time.

Understand the impact of marketing and ad campaigns pre and post launch.

Monitor brand reputation and quickly identify any changes in sentiment.


Machine learning models dig through your data to instantly surface statistically significant changes you may have missed on your own, and uncover the demographics and sentiments driving the shifts.

Customizable settings

Track your brand at a cadence that is right for you; weekly, monthly, or less frequently. Leverage built-in templates or customize your tracker to meet your needs.

Global consumer panels

Reach consumers all over the world with integrated panels accessing 175M+ people in over 130 countries. Access consistent and quality data wave after wave.

Interactive visualization

Filter by demographics, geography, or custom questions; get tailored visualizations for brand conversion funnels. Easily share results with drag-and-drop dashboards.

Our team of research experts will help you customize your tracker according to industry-proven methodology to set your project up for success. We’ll help you capture the right:

  • Markets
  • Demographics
  • Competitive set
  • Metrics
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“It’s no longer about intuition. We develop our brands based on quantitative consumer feedback and holistic, global market knowledge. SurveyMonkey validates everything by consumers.”

Julia Bland
Business Development, Tweezerman

Leading brands use SurveyMonkey for market research

We can help you track and better understand your brand performance. Contact us to:

  • Walk through a full product demo
  • Get help from our research experts
  • Scope a custom project
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Test product ideas and compare against industry benchmarks.

Consumer segmentation

Understand the demographic and behavioral traits of your top buyer segments.

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