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Improve your customer experience at every interaction

Track customer experience throughout the customer journey

Understand and improve how you are delivering on customer expectations throughout their entire journey.

Trigger NPS® surveys

Trigger surveys after all relevant customer interactions—purchase, onboarding, completed action, churn, etc.

Identify improvement areas

Use key driver analysis to understand your biggest strengths and top areas for improvement.

Reapply best practices

Learn from customer interactions that are working well, and apply practices to those that need improvement.

Measure your relationship with customers and benchmark it against your competition

Send periodic surveys

Send Brand, Product, Interaction, or Relationship-oriented CX surveys on a specified time interval.

Benchmark against your competition

Benchmark your product, brand, or company NPS periodically and use that information to build strategic, customer-focused plans.

Connect NPS to revenue

Conduct powerful analytics and revenue scenario planning to inform customer centric plans.

Refine your customer support motions using feedback at every support touchpoint

Get a full understanding of how you are delivering on customer expectations throughout their entire journey and make it better.

Integrate with Salesforce®

Use our API to trigger automatic post-case NPS surveys directly from Salesforce, or sync your NPS data back into Salesforce so you can trigger follow-up cases for dissatisfied customers.

Find trouble spots faster

Analyze trends and filter your NPS data to quickly diagnose problem areas.

Close the loop

Use Conversations to send follow-up messages to respondents to gain further insight into their experience and resolve any outstanding issues.

Ready to build a world-class NPS program?

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