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Go beyond the basics of NPS®

Collect, understand, and act on your customer feedback with SurveyMonkey CX.

Surveys your customers will love

Beautiful, brief, and branded

CX surveys are quick, clean, and branded for your business. They keep your customers happy while getting you the data you need.

Based on NPS

All CX surveys begin with the Net Promoter question—"How likely would you be to recommend X to a friend or colleague?"—and follow NPS best practices.

Easy editing

Change colors, upload your logo, customize language, and edit questions in a fast and fun interface.

Embedded NPS question

We embed the NPS question in invitation emails for maximum response rate. Fewer clicks for your customers—more responses for you.

Multilingual surveys

CX surveys look great on every device—iOS, Android™, and all modern desktop browsers and email clients.

Ask follow-up questions

Create your own custom follow-up questions to gain deeper insight into your NPS data.

Flexible data collection—so you can build the NPS program you really want

Upload customer lists

Upload your customer lists, and let us send the emails. We take care of maximizing deliverability and response rates.

Import from SurveyMonkey + TechValidate

Continually import NPS data captured with SurveyMonkey and TechValidate.

Trigger NPS surveys from Salesforce®

Trigger NPS surveys based on business logic in Salesforce. CX will also sync NPS data back into Salesforce.

Add custom filters

Add custom filters specific to your business so you can easily slice and dice your data.

Share a survey link

Collect NPS data simply by sharing a survey link with your customers.

Trigger surveys with our API

Use our API to trigger CX to send a survey invitation via email.

Analyze your customer satisfaction like a pro—no PhD necessary

Intuitive dashboard

Get the 64,000-foot view, and instantly drill down to spot problem areas.

Real-time NPS trends

See how satisfaction is changing over time. Identify dips and proactively take corrective action.

Customer & account views

Drill down into individual customer responses or see the aggregate with account views.

Automated text analysis

Sophisticated algorithms auto-categorize open-ended responses so you don’t have to read and tag each one.

Key driver analysis

Understand the drivers behind your NPS, and identify your key strengths and areas for improvement.

NPS maps

Get a global view of your customer satisfaction with automatic response geotagging and interactive maps.

SurveyMonkey NPS benchmarks

See how your NPS compares with your peers’ using the world's largest NPS benchmark dataset.

Filter & segment by custom attributes

Segment & analyze your customer base however you like—just append attributes to your customer lists.

Connect NPS to revenue

Know the impact your NPS is likely to have on your future revenue, and plan campaigns knowing the revenue upside.

Turn customer insights into action—faster

Put your customer experience program on autopilot

Reach each customer at the right time

Automate your customer feedback data collection through triggered surveys sent at specific milestones in the customer journey.

Schedule periodic NPS surveys

Monitor customer satisfaction quarterly, biannually, or annually, and choose whether to send surveys immediately or during a specific timeframe.

Automated survey reminders

Choose how many reminders customers who have not responded to your survey will get, and how frequently they will receive them.

Prevent over-surveying

Set up global or per-survey throttling rules to stop customers from receiving too many requests for feedback.

CX survey automation

Ready to build a world-class NPS program?

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