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Would You Wear a Computer? Consumers Share Insights on Wearable Devices

Would You Wear a Computer? Consumers Share Insights on Wearable Devices

Last week, our chief monkey, Dave Goldberg, headed to Bloomberg West to chat with Emily Chang for our SurveyMonkey Shakedown segment to find out what Americans think about wearable computer devices. With futuristic personal gear like Google Glass and an Apple smartwatch reportedly in production hitting the media airwaves, we wanted to get the peoples’ pulse on wearable computer devices. Do items like those found in the Nike+ product line that assist consumers with their fitness goals make it to the top of consumers’ to-buy lists or does the UP by Jawbone–a device that measures how people sleep, move and eat–float peoples’ boats?

We asked over 600 Americans to get their thoughts using SurveyMonkey Audience, a powerful online market research panel that targets a specific demographic.

Check out the segment here and survey findings below.

The broader U.S. population is not yet familiar with wearable computing devices.

  • It’s probably safe to assume that folks in the Silicon Valley area and other tech-heavy areas have heard of wearable devices and know what’s to be expected on the market, however 50% of respondents in the rest of the US report not being familiar with wearable devices at all.
  • Less than 40% surveyed say that they’ve heard of them. Currently, it seems as if only smaller groups of the overall population have complete knowledge so there’s room to grow in terms of product awareness in the future.

Of those who are familiar, only 36% of consumers say they’re thinking of purchasing a wearable computing device.

  • The main reason for buyer hesitation? Dollar signs. 57% say these devices are too expensive to buy at this time.
  • Lack of knowledge about the product with a quarter of respondents saying they don’t know enough about it yet to invest in one.

 How interested are consumers in wearing one of these?

  • Well over half of people say they’re moderately to extremely interested in taking the dive and putting on a wearable computer device at 61%.
  • A quarter of folks fell in the “somewhat to not interested in wearing one at all” category.

Medical wearable devices are the most popular types.

  • Devices that transit body data to you and/or a caregiver were rated #1 out of other device types available like a headset or eye glasses with 39% of consumers saying they’re most interested in finding out how many steps they’ve taken throughout the day or how much sleep they got the night before.
  • Second place? Sensor-enabled wrist wear like the UP by Jawbone device.

Top three reasons why consumers report being interested in wearable computing devices?

  • How active am I? Tracking their physical activity rules the roost with 24% saying they want to know and would invest in a wearable device to find out.
  • Wanting to improve their overall health isn’t far behind with 21% of people saying so.
  • Gadget fans and folks who just like to try out the latest tech offering rounded out top three (16%).
  • Attention, Google Glass! Only 12% of consumers are interested in enhancing their reality with a wearable computer device.

 The Healthcare industry will benefit most from wearable computing devices.

  • A whopping 59% of consumers believe that the world of Healthcare stands to gain the most. This falls in line with the most popular devices being those that track health habits and patterns for people.
  • The fields of science, research and technology came in second at 14% and last but not least? Hollywood. Respondents don’t believe the entertainment industry has much to benefit (7%).

What’s the verdict on smartwatches and Google Glass?

  • Between the Apple smartwatch and the Samsung smartwatch, which would consumers prefer to purchase? Apple wins the day with 18% preferring it over the Samsung (10%).
  • 20% of consumers say it’s “extremely unlikely” that they’ll invest in Google Glass once it arrives. A little over 17% say maybe and only 10% are on board with buying one.

To see the full set of survey results, visit our Slideshare page and click here.

Keep the conversation flowing! Will you be in line for the Google Glass? What’s your favorite wearable computer device? Sound off in the Comments section below!

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