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Workato & SurveyMonkey: How Nonprofits Can Take Action with Survey Data

Workato & SurveyMonkey: How Nonprofits Can Take Action with Survey Data


Nonprofits have always been dear to our monkey hearts. Whether we’re supporting the important work that nonprofit organizations do every day with discounts or with survey templates containing questions written specifically for nonprofits’ needs, we’re there to help.

And we’re always looking for feedback. So if you run a nonprofit, you work for one or know someone who does, let us know how we can do better to help you make the world better—leave us a note in the Comments section below or tweet us @surveymonkey.

So with this in mind, we’re excited to let you know of our latest integration with Workato—an award-winning integration platform. Kristine Colosimo of Workato stopped by the blog to go over how this powerful integration works for the not-for-profit sector. 

Take it away, Kristine!

At Workato, we’ve a large number of nonprofit users, so we understand how difficult it can be to manage large workloads with limited resources. Surveys are a convenient and important way to learn more about your organizations’ donors and greatest supporters, including how to keep them happy and how to retain them as repeat donors. 

SurveyMonkey is an easy-to-use survey tool and launching a survey is one of the most cost-effective ways an organization can gather market research for many different types of business needs. It made perfect sense for us to partner in order to bring our unique strengths together. What do we mean exactly?

Automating both the way the surveys are administered along with aggregating the results will increase donations and lessen the amount of work you put into the task, leaving more time for other important work and keeping donors happier.

How can this integration help?

Our platform offers integrations called recipes. These are a set of tasks that get work done across apps. Recipes filter out bad data, eliminate duplicates and can sync data in both directions. They support multi-level data with line items and data mapping, yet there’s no coding involved!

Collecting survey data is an important task for nonprofits, and Workato recipes ensure that you get the most out of your surveys. Today’s featured recipe will automatically send a survey to the donor then wait for a response. When we get the survey response back, Workato will automatically add the survey results as a note on the donor’s profile. This same recipe will even send a text message to the account manager or donations coordinator to let them know the survey was completed.

In the nonprofit world, when you take advantage of this recipe, you’ll be able to save time, forget about missing follow-ups, store personal preferences of donors into your CRM and more.

How it works

But enough talk. Let’s see how this integration does its thing.

Thanks to Kristine and the Workato team for an amazing integration. Again, if you’re affiliated with a nonprofit and are ready to learn more, visit Workato.

Questions? Want to be featured next? Let us know below!

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