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Welcome Sheryl, David and Bill

Welcome Sheryl, David and Bill

Bill VeghteOn May 1st, all of our lives changed.

We are so thankful for the customers that took the time to send us emails and messages of condolence. It meant a lot to all of us and helped keep us going. As weeks roll off the calendar since the tragedy, we have pulled together as a company. While we have shared many stories and grieved together, we have also redoubled our efforts to make SurveyMonkey THE #1 decision-making platform worldwide.

To lead us in this next winning chapter, I’m thrilled to announce that our new CEO and board member is Bill Veghte. Bill is a superstar executive with 2+ decades of experience building great businesses and great teams. Bill started his professional career at Microsoft working on Office when the team was small enough to share a pizza. Time and again, Bill joined teams and made them better.

He was also a friend of Dave’s for 30 years. They went to college together. Recently, Bill shared a story about the first time Dave told him about SurveyMonkey. “He was so excited,” Bill said. “He told me he had found this great company in Portland that was very very special.” Dave continued to keep Bill abreast of the company’s growth and asked him to join the board. He finally had the time and agreed. Dave was thrilled. And then, our lives changed forever.  

Bill never envisioned becoming CEO of SurveyMonkey, especially under these circumstances. But, he’s stepping in because he shares our unyielding excitement for the unique and incredible opportunity we have to help people make better, smarter decisions. He joins us this week along with two additional board members—Sheryl Sandberg and David Ebersman. They are incredibly talented business leaders with deep operational and financial expertise who will provide valuable perspective to our team. You can read more about the new members of the team in these New York Times and re/code articles.

If I learned one thing during my 15-year friendship with Dave, it was to live a purpose-driven life. To me, that means spending your days working on things that matter and with people who care. The new additions to our team care deeply. They bring with them the utmost integrity and a wealth of experience that aligns with SurveyMonkey’s culture and values.

This means that customers will continue to get the data they need as fast as they need it and have new tools and resources to do more with data while receiving best in class support. Monkeys (that’s what we call ourselves) will continue to be part of this very special journey and team where helping each other is the norm, an open mind is encouraged and everyone recognizes the importance of life outside the office.

I’m so humbled to be a part of this team. The last 2+ months have been the most challenging in my career—but have also been the most rewarding days as well. I’m so proud of this leadership team and all the monkeys. Each and every one of you stepped up since our loss. I’ll never forget the way you all have rallied and supported each other and that you hit me in the face with a pie.

The road ahead is going to be exciting and rewarding.  


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