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SurveyMonkey Goes Bridesmaid Dress Shopping with Weddington Way

SurveyMonkey Goes Bridesmaid Dress Shopping with Weddington Way

Weddington Way is an online boutique dedicated to making bridesmaid dress shopping fun and easy. It is geared toward modern brides and bridesmaids–women who are technically savvy and comfortable with online shopping.  The company was founded by Ilana Stern, who then partnered with her long time friend Benu Lahiry.

Weddington Way offers an easy to use online tool for selecting bridesmaid dresses and coordinating the bridal party in a social manner.

As part of their marketing strategy, Weddington Way has done a series of promotions to raise awareness of their site.  In March, the company held a contest with wedding planning site Project Wedding to give away 5 bridesmaid dresses to one deserving bride. The success of that promotion encouraged Weddington Way to partner with SurveyMonkey to add a prize to a survey they recently launched.

The purpose of the survey was two-fold: 1) to gather insights into the shopping behavior and preferences of its customer base, and 2) to engage brides and bridesmaids who recently signed up for the site. As a reward for their time, brides and bridesmaids were given a coupon for 20% off a dress purchase of $200 or more.

Survey Insights

Weddington Way distributed the survey through email marketing and Facebook posts to a known user group of brides and bridesmaids. The data gathered from this survey gave Weddington Way insights into the largest source of web site visitors.

In fact, the company discovered that ~40% of visitors came to Weddington Way through word of mouth.

  1. Friend email link or told to check it out, CEO of Weddington Way and friend’s Facebook wall
  2. Could also be referring to Project Wedding
  3. Range of web site names (e.g. Quora)

“We knew word of mouth was a large referral source, but it was important to understand which types of word of mouth are most effective for driving sales as well as other sources of traffic,” says Benu Laihry, Director of Merchandise and Customer Experience for Weddington Way.

The company also got great feedback on dress and color selection as well as price sensitivity of its customers. “It was refreshing for us to hear from our customers and get insights into what is working and what we can improve,” shares Ilana Stern, CEO of Weddington Way.

The survey also enabled Weddington Way to gauge brides’ and bridesmaids’ interest in various designer brands. Today the company offers a range of brands including Alfred Sung, Lela Rose, and Simple Silhouettes. It strives to be selective in the brands it offers in order to give good quality and great selection without overwhelming brides and bridesmaids. The results of the survey confirmed that an upcoming of designer launch should be well received.

Experience with SurveyMonkey Rewards

SurveyMonkey recently launched a reward feature that makes it quick and simple for customers to add a prize to the end of a survey.  Weddington Way utilized this new feature to deliver 140 coupons to brides and bridesmaids.

It was a great way to say thank you to survey respondents for their time and to encourage future dress purchases. With SurveyMonkey’s feature, Weddington Way was able to set the expiration date and to customize the text of the coupon.

Although Weddington Way is online-based, it offers great customer support to assuage brides’ and bridesmaids’ concerns over such an important purchase. Keep up with Weddington Way’s progress by visiting

To find out how you can add a reward to your next survey, read more here.

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