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Tom & Angie’s Wedding Planning Survey

Tom & Angie’s Wedding Planning Survey

Girl hears Boy playing guitar in park. Girl meets Boy. Boy and Girl fall in love. Boy asks Girl to marry him. She says “Yes!” so they do what every couple does next…they create an awesome Wedding Planning Survey.

Okay, okay. We’ll admit that not every love story leads to a survey. But Tom and Angie’s did. And it’s a pretty amazing survey (for a pretty cool wedding). When we saw the survey Tom and Angie’s friend Gene had designed for them to gather feedback and coordinate logistics for over 100 friends and family worldwide, we fell in love too.  And we knew we just had to share it.

Check out Tom and Angie’s wedding planning survey that they’ve kindly agreed to let us post:

Feel free to answer the questions (or not—and see their witty, custom error messages!), but just note that answering their survey does not constitute an actual invitation to their wedding. However, you are welcome to send gifts.

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7 thoughts on “Tom & Angie’s Wedding Planning Survey

  1. andrew says:

    A known devil is better than a unknown angel


  2. aaaawww to cute i like

  3. Tony says:

    For scheduling events, what tools are available in Survey Monkey to test not only dates, but times, for gatherings? Some online services let respondents mark out the time slots they are available. If the possible meeting time for a 2 hour meeting is somewhere between 1PM and 6PM, I might mark off 2PM to 4PM. Anyway to do this with Survey Monkey? Thanks. I’d like to combine scheduling with other event planning questions.

  4. Chris Dunwell says:

    Great Survey. Well designed and I hope it gets them all the answers they need to make the event a great success.

    Makes my own wedding very dull and predicatable by comparison. But I guess the most important thing is to share it with family and friends.

    Best wishes to Tom and Angie.

  5. John says:

    #Tony: Yes, what you want is relatively easy with skip-logic – e.g.:
    On Page 1:
    Would you like it to be…?
    8 – 12pm
    1 – 6pm etc
    … then…
    If 8 – 12, skip to Page 3
    If 1 – 6, ask:
    Would you like it to be…
    1 to 3
    2 to 4 etc

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