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Website Research Made Simple: SurveyMonkey & Warp Integration

Website Research Made Simple: SurveyMonkey & Warp Integration

Have you ever had a question about your customers that could be quickly answered with a simple SurveyMonkey survey on your website? Have you ever wanted to poll users about a new feature on your site to get opinions–and data–fast?

Thanks to Warp™ by Usability Sciences, now you can unleash the power of SurveyMonkey to gather the feedback you need from your online visitors. Simply add a single tag to your site to gain complete control of when, where, and how you send surveys on your website.

Warp manages multiple research projects on your site with a simple point-and-click interface that you can control from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Just like SurveyMonkey, Warp is designed to make research easy, available, affordable, and scalable to web sites of all sizes.

Take a look at Warp in action on the SurveyMonkey website:

The possibilities are endless:

  • Ask brides-to-be visiting your site’s wedding registry section a few questions about the types of products they want to see.
  • Invite users who spend at least one minute on a product page to take a quick survey.
  • Turn on a feedback button on every page of your registration process to capture user comments.

Want to give it a go? Current SurveyMonkey customers can sign up to be a beta user for Warp. To learn more about Warp, see the announcement from Usability Sciences.

Tell us what you would do if you could instantly turn on SurveyMonkey surveys anywhere on your website in the comments section below.

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