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WATCH: SurveyMonkey YouTube Highlights

WATCH: SurveyMonkey YouTube Highlights

Ever visited the SurveyMonkey YouTube channel? It’s a go-to destination for all things Monkey. And what kinds of video snacks live there? We’re so glad you asked.

You can see customer success stories like this one from Virgin America. The team at this stylish airline uses SurveyMonkey to collect customer feedback. Their most used survey question? The Net Promoter® Score.

Let’s take a look!

YouTube is also the spot for important product updates—like this one about the launch of SurveyMonkey Benchmarks. Take a look as Jon Cohen, our VP of Survey Research, explains why context is a critical part of survey analysis.

Plus, we’ve got loads of videos from our stellar survey research team like this one, featuring our very own Sarah Cho, the Survey Pro. Take a look as she shares the answers to some of our customers most commonly asked methodology questions

And finally, for a little fun, check out this interview with Bob Mankoff, Cartoon Editor of the New Yorker. Just how does he pick the winners of the magazine’s famed weekly Cartoon Caption Contest? You’ve got one guess…

For more videos, head over to the SurveyMonkey YouTube channel.


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