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WATCH: How to Use the New and Improved Email Invitation Collector

WATCH: How to Use the New and Improved Email Invitation Collector

Congrats to you, dear survey designer. You’ve finished creating your survey. Your i’s are dotted, t’s are crossed, you’ve added “Other” as an answer choice and gotten rid of those pesky matrix questions. So now you’re ready to choose a collector and send your survey out into the world…How about letting us take some of the work off your hands with collecting responses?

Welcome to the Email Invitation Collector. Not only will we send your survey out for you, we’ll track your respondents’ progress. In other words, you can see who has opened your email with the link to your survey and who hasn’t. You can also send friendly reminders to those folks who haven’t taken your survey.

We’re also pretty excited to share with you that the hardworking monkeys on our engineering team have added several improvements to this collector based off the most important feedback we receive–yours! The experience of sending an email to respondents with an invitation to take your survey has gotten even easier, tracking response rates are even more accurate and the look of the collector itself has been spiffed up. We’ve also integrated with one of the global leaders in email intelligence, Return Path, which helps keep your emails out of peoples’ junk folders and in their inboxes where they belong.

Check out our video tutorial where John–one of our User Experience monkeys who helped work on improvements–will walk you through the steps needed for email/survey success!

Looking for even more email options for your surveys? Don’t forget about our powerful integration with MailChimp–your one-stop shop for online surveys and email marketing campaigns.

Questions? Comments? You know where to go–sound off in the Comments section below.

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