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Video Gaming in 2014: Which Consoles Are Winning with Consumers?

Video Gaming in 2014: Which Consoles Are Winning with Consumers?

Video GamersCalling all gamers and video game retailers! Gaming consoles: Ever a popular holiday gift idea, we thought while you’re in the middle of making your list (and yes, checking it twice) you might find it helpful to find out which video game systems consumers are most itching to play (and purchase) this year. Behold—our 2014 Holiday Video Game System Survey Wrap-up.

But before we jump into the digital data, here’s a quick refresher on what’s been happening in the video game console landscape for the last few years.

  • Xbox 360 is released November 2005
  • Wii is released November 2006
  • Playstation 3 and Wii is released November 2006
  • Wii U is released November 2012
  • PS4 & Xbox One are released November 2013.

Using SurveyMonkey Audience—a powerful online tool that targets specific survey respondents—we asked more than 1,000 shoppers to give us the lowdown on what’s hot in the gaming world.

Ready, set? Game on.

According to our survey results, many shiny new video game systems will be under the tree this year. Nearly a third of respondents said they were considering buying a new gaming system this holiday season. But shoppers agree that when searching for a console, cost is most important (37%).

What's the most important criteria?

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What surprised us more was when we asked people how much they’d pay for a next generation console.

Both Microsoft and Sony have cut prices in order to grow their next gen console base. Last year, PS4 launched with a $399 price and Xbox One launched at $499. More than 30% of our respondents want to pay less than what the consoles launched for last year.

What's the max you would pay...?

Xbox, PlayStation, or Wii? Which gaming console is hottest this holiday season?

Oh, and since it was an election year, we thought it’d be fun to break down the holiday video console demand by region. The East & West Central Southern regions were a bastion of Xbox fans. PlayStation took the Southern Eastern seaboard, Midwest, and Mountain states. In many of the most populace coastal areas, the Xbox & PS4 tied.

Video Game Consoles by Region

Last year, Sony’s PS4 launched with critical acclaim, a lower price point, and a great list of launch titles. In the past year, Sony has sold over 13 million PS4 consoles. Xbox One got off to a slower start but a recent drop in price and next generation games has led to a whopping 10 million in worldwide sales. Our respondents also agreed with critics so congrats to you, PS4! Once more, they’re the reigning video game champ this holiday season.

So whether you’re a retailer or the avid gamer in your family, we hope our data helps you make the best decision on what to stock your store shelves or stuff your loved ones’ stockings with.

Want to run a cool study like this? Use SurveyMonkey Audience to find the right people to take your survey. And if you’ve got anything to say about this year’s hottest console, let us know in the Comments below!

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