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Understanding What Your Customers Want Can Lead to Conversions

Understanding What Your Customers Want Can Lead to Conversions

Flight NetworkThriving businesses—big or small—understand the value of knowledge. And not just surface knowledge but the deeper kind that encourages business decisions that lead to meaningful results. Knowing what your customer wants and keeping your finger on their pulse can mean great things to your organization’s success.

We’re excited to share with you how one of our customers—Flight Network—takes advantage of surveys and the diverse sets of data they collect in order to help them gain new customers and maintain current customers.

Please welcome Courtney Rand, Marketing Manager at Flight Network. This online travel agency is one of Canada’s fastest growing companies and we’re pleased to spread the word from our neighbors up north.

Happy to have you, Courtney.

Knowledge is key to organizational growth

With millions of visitors each month, 350+ employees around the world, and 2 million+ customers, we are the largest Canadian-based online travel company. Understanding the various needs of our diverse customer base is key to our continued success and growth as a company.

While our original intention was to design a customer-facing survey so that we could better understand our customers’ interest levels regarding certain Flight Network products. SurveyMonkey quickly became a tool we used for many other purposes however such as internal human resourcing. We surveyed regularly in order to collect feedback from our employees in order to cultivate a cycle of ongoing improvement.

The value of ongoing customer outreach

Surveying our customer base on a regular basis and through our different channels helped us understand where we could improve as a business. We discovered ways to improve our booking process and learned a lot about our customers’ overall purchasing behavior and identified trends. We’re always using this data to make changes to our site in order to improve the customer experience. Recently, we’ve been working on our filtering and payment options.

Again, I cannot stress enough the importance of collecting feedback regularly. Flight Network’s efforts with this has led to us developing true insights as to what can be done to reach 100% customer satisfaction.

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Don’t forget about customer loyalty

Flight Network continues to use SurveyMonkey’s Net Promoter® Score survey templates to facilitate changes in our multi-channel booking process. Leveraging the power of that feedback we gather allows us to increase conversions and gain a better understanding of why a customer opts to go with Flight Network versus a competitor.

Without spending thousands of dollars, we’ve been able to gather incredible insights. All of us here at Flight Network love giving our customers a voice and we love to see changes happening as a result of their feedback. Just when you think you have your customer base figured out, they teach you something new about your business.

What kind of surprising data have you learned from your customers? Let us know below!

To learn more about Flight Network, please visit their blog here.

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