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Sharing Surveys on Twitter: What a Two-Person Marketing Agency Learned

Sharing Surveys on Twitter: What a Two-Person Marketing Agency Learned

Getting the opportunity to support small business owners is one of the many reasons we love coming to work every day here at SurveyMonkey. We’re continually inspired by the many different ways that businesses and organizations are using our product both here in the States and abroad.

Not long after we announced the exciting news of our partnership with leading social media dashboard company, HootSuite, we came across the UK-based business, Social e-Ready.

A two-person digital marketing agency “strategically located in the middle of nowhere”, Ken and Rhoda Shelton are digital marketing and business development professionals who not only love all things social media but rely on the data they collect from market research using…you guessed it–online surveys.

Thanks for sharing your survey story with us, Ken!

Who We Are

Social e-Ready is a small digital marketing agency, with a focus on helping small local businesses make the most of the many diverse marketing opportunities out there. We believe that globalisation actually makes focusing on local businesses even more important, and also more effective. We work with small businesses and third-sector organisations in East Anglia in the United Kingdom, putting together marketing strategies to promote and help grow business.

What We Did

We’ve used SurveyMonkey before to conduct market research-type questionnaires, but have never tried it out on Twitter. Our aims were modest, in that we didn’t want to invest a lot of time or energy (or risk our reputation!) by going for a full-on all-singing all-dancing survey, rather let’s be low-key and learn from the experiment.

Our guinea pigs were the willing contributors to the vibrant #KingsLynnHour, a Twitter feed in Norfolk that promotes local events and business. We wanted the questionnaire to be short and quick to complete, so went with just three questions, all pre-defined answers so people didn’t have to think too hard. Our topic? Social media of course.

  • How long have you been promoting your business through social media?
  • Do you get any business from using social media?
  • Does using social media help build longterm relationships?

Our Results

We received several responses within fifty minutes, which helped us gain quick insight into the thinking from King’s Lynn at that time. More importantly, it let us test out our approach. For Question One, the results show a spread–some new users, some established. Question Two gave us a much more emphatic response, with over 90% giving social media a big thumbs-up. For Question Three, responses were divided, with a significant number (of our small sample!) reporting they were unconvinced.

What We Learned

It’s always a bit risky to draw too many concrete conclusions from such a small sample size, so we have to treat the figures with caution. Most significant is that the vast majority secured more business as a direct result of social media activity. If businesses aren’t engaged in social media, they’re missing out on opportunities. Those that do? Clearly, they have a competitive advantage.

Our use of SurveyMonkey to run a real-time questionnaire to Twitter followers worked really well for us. We learned that writing questions in a way that makes it easy for respondents to answer, is important. Our questions were short which helped get us well defined answers. Engaging with enough Twitter followers is essential so as a method for getting real-time snapshots of insight, it remains an attractive option. Our key lesson is that it’s absolutely possible to run surveys via Twitter, and we shall be adding this particular angle to the range of solutions we offer to our clients.

To find out how you can work with Ken and Rhoda–and nope, you don’t need to live in the UK–be sure to visit their blog and feel free to contact them too.

Questions? Comments? You know where to go!

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