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Two Out of Three Singaporeans Use Their Smartphones on the Toilet

Two Out of Three Singaporeans Use Their Smartphones on the Toilet

Smartphones and SingaporeansLast year, we conducted a survey with SurveyMonkey Audience and discovered that 61% of Americans use their smartphones in the bathroom.

This year in honor of the UN’s World Toilet Day, we decided to see if phones + potty was a global phenomenon or just an American one. We surveyed over 600 people in Singapore and discovered that an even higher percentage (68%) of Singaporeans bring their phones into the restroom than Americans.

So, without further a-doo, here’s what else we learned from our survey:

  • While 48% think it’s inappropriate to use the phone in the toilet, their actions are not reflected by their feelings. 22% of this group are guiltily using their phones in the bathroom at least once per day
  • Of the total population 41% of people take the time to catch up on text messages
  • 34% spend their private time emailing
  • 19% play games on the toilet
  • 25% make and receive calls
  • While in the US only 9% of users have dropped their phones into the toilet, 14% of Singaporeans were forced to fish their phone out of the bowl after an unfortunate accidental drop

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Clearly, the toilet is not somewhere to go and leave quickly; people even wanted conveniences to make their private time even better. When asked what sort of amenities they wanted in public restrooms here’s what they answered:

  • 19% want WiFi
  • 5% want Magazines and Newspapers
  • 3% want TV’s

And just in case words aren’t enough, here’s a handy infographic courtesy of our partners at Piktochart:

smartphone in toilet

Want to run a study like this one? Find lots of different people willing to take your survey via SurveyMonkey Audience. And if you’ve got a funny story about using your phone in the bathroom, let us know in the Comments below!

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