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TrueSample Quality Council

TrueSample Quality Council

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting our 7th TrueSample Quality Council meeting in New York.  As always, it was well attended by member companies, research buyers such as General Mills, P&G, Unilever, Samsung, and research suppliers such as Kantar, IPSOS, and ResearchNow.   The Council has been growing in number since its inception 3 years ago.

TrueSample, as we have discussed before, is a SurveyMonkey product dedicated to improving the quality of research.  The mission statement of TrueSample builds on SurveyMonkey’s mission statement. Its goal is to: “help people make better decisions by reducing the likelihood of making a bad decision.”  The Quality Council is a forum of research suppliers and buyers whose goal is to achieve objective and quantifiable gains in industry sample and research quality, through thought leadership and collaborative effort.  The group meets periodically to share proprietary data quality research, facilitate interaction of industry leaders, and shape the direction of online sample and instrument quality.

In the latest meeting, we touched on all aspects of TrueSample, including research on SurveyScore, respondent engagement and panelist validation.  We blogged a few weeks ago about using identity validation in the US and about the resulting improvement in data quality.  Now we are in the process of expanding panelist validation to Europe, as well as TrueSample Global for all countries. At the Quality Council, we discussed some really interesting and promising results in that area.  We are also looking to find ways to enhance our respondent engagement detection techniques, and where the engagement methods help us to weed out the grossly unengaged respondents, SurveyScore serves to help improve survey design to keep the engaged respondents continue to stay well engaged.

As always, we will continue to solicit input and advice from these thought leaders to improve our offering and help improve online sample quality for the industry as a whole. Are you working in market research, on survey respondent validation or another area? Tell us about it in the comment section below.

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