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TrueSample Now Supports Every Country of the World!

TrueSample Now Supports Every Country of the World!
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We are very excited to announce that TrueSample Global is now available.

Previously, TrueSample supported Panelist and Survey Validations only in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany. This same level of support remains unchanged for those countries. However, for all other countries in the world, TrueSample is offering a new level of support, called “TrueSample Global.” The benefits of this new level of support are similar to the previous level of support; TrueSample Global will continue to ensure respondents are Real, Unique, Engaged and Qualified, and reporting remains transparent, auditable, and secure. However, the information required and mechanisms used to accomplish this in TrueSample Global are slightly different, as described below:

Panelist Validation

TrueSample Global enables Panel Suppliers to take advantage of the following new features:

  1. Registration is a way of submitting panelists to TrueSample providing only a limited amount of information, for countries in which RealCheck Postal and RealCheck Social may not be available. Among other things, this will allow TrueSample to begin properly tracking the historical behavior of each registered panelist.
  2. UniqueCheck Social uses the respondent’s email (or a securely hashed version thereof) to de-duplicate respondents within panels (and across them during Survey Validation).

Survey Validation

TrueSample Global enables Researchers to conduct the following new checks on responses for surveys in any country:

  1. RegisteredCheck makes explicit the difference between real-time sample and pre-validated sample. The value of this check will continue to grow with future updates to the TrueSample product.
  2. RealCheck Local uses IP Address to make sure that each respondent accesses surveys from a country that is considered acceptable for the survey.
  3. UniqueCheck Social uses the respondent’s email (or a hashed version thereof) to de-duplicate respondents within and across panels. This is in addition to the other UniqueCheck components already capable for global use, like Digital Fingerprinting.

To make use of TrueSample Global, clients will first need to have a Global contract in place. If you are interested in exploring this further, please contact Once the contract is in place, clients will need to upgrade how they are using the APIs and other channels.

At this time, Panel Suppliers are encouraged to begin registering panelists in every country of the world. For Researchers, we are currently performing a beta test of the new features. Please contact if your company is interested in participating in this beta test effort.

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