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Top Tips to Increase Mobile Survey Completion Rates

Top Tips to Increase Mobile Survey Completion Rates

mobile-handsIn our on-the-go world, the convenience of having everything we need in a single, pocket sized device is not only absolutely amazing—it’s necessary.

And with our round-the-clock desire to access all things, it’s no surprise that more and more people are taking surveys straight from their mobile devices!

With the SurveyMonkey iOS app, and the recent launch of our Android app,  you can create, send, and analyze surveys anywhere, anytime—whether you’re commuting, in line for coffee, or even at that boring conference you have to attend.

But with great surveying power comes great responsibility. Since so many people are in fact taking surveys from mobile devices, it’s crucial that the design can be easily read and responded to on mobile so you increase mobile survey completion rates.

But do not fear, survey superstars. We’ve got your back! Here are our top tips for optimizing your surveys for mobile devices:

  1. Keep it short: Make sure your survey is not overly long, and only have 1-2 questions per page if possible.
  2. Send survey during peak hours: Studies show that surveys are generally taken on weekdays. However, mobile users are more likely to take surveys on weekends and during peak commuter hours.
  3. Question Types: The multiple choice question type is your friend. Stay away from matrix, open-ended and image question types that don’t play well with mobile browsers.
  4. Answer choices: Single or multiple choice answer options that are displayed vertically will be the easiest for respondents to scroll through on a smartphone.
  5. Avoid logos: Screen space is limited on mobile devices, so it’s best to use small logos, or avoid them completely.
  6. Beware of bandwidth: Many mobile respondents use their phone’s data plan to access the internet as opposed to high-speed WiFi. It’s important to keep in mind when adding multimedia (like videos) to your survey. Media can be harder to load, or even tap into the respondent’s data plan usage.
  7. Test, test, and test again: Pull your survey up on your mobile browser to test any Skip Logic, check for typos, and the make sure the overall look and feel of the survey is on point. Having a friend and colleague run though the survey from their mobile device is always a good idea too!

Are you a visual person? Want more? Our very own survey pro, Sarah Cho, also helps walk you through optimizing your surveys to increase mobile survey completion rates in this great episode of SurveyMonkey Office Hours:

Now that we’ve dialed into our best survey design tips for mobile, and you have the handy dandy SurveyMonkey app at your fingertips, you’ll be sure to be gathering even more responses to help you make better decisions.

Ready to survey on the go? Get the Android app or iOS app now. And let us know your tips for mobile surveys in the Comments below.

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