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Tips for Effective Community Management

Tips for Effective Community Management

Community ManagementLet’s be frank. Managing communities can sometimes be a challenge. Whether you’re responsible for leading communities in the business, educational or nonprofit spaces, each have their own unique characteristics and sets of dilemmas to confront.

What are some of the best ways to ensure that you’re addressing your business needs and constantly improving your communities?

Logan Lynn of Trillium Family Services, Oregon’s largest provider of mental and behavioral healthcare for children and families, is here to talk about how his organization used SurveyMonkey to successfully launch an advocacy and awareness campaign. Lynn is the organization’s Chief Communications Officer and needed an easy-to-execute and robust solution for gathering data.

Thanks for joining us, Logan!

At Trillium, we are guided by the simple yet crucial mission of building brighter futures with children and families. Our vision is to help children and their families learn the skills necessary to manage their mental health needs and become thriving, productive members of society. We believe our investment in the future of each child means that the next generation of Oregonians will have the skills to contribute meaningfully through employment, community service and raising their own healthy families.

Easy execution. Big results.

Mental Health Awareness Month happens annually in May and to mark the occasion, Trillium launched a multimedia celebration of the people, nonprofits, community groups and business leaders who have helped pave the way for mental and behavioral healthcare to thrive in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest.

This year, we launched an advocacy campaign called “Keep Oregon Well,” highlighting the good work of Oregonians who have helped make our state a safer, more supportive place for everyone to live, work, play and learn.

In order to collect public nominations, we needed an easy-to-use survey tool that would enable us to collect, track, and organize our survey results. SurveyMonkey helped us get answers fast.

Public nominations were open to the community and a selection committee made up of mental health and social services providers narrowed those nominations (all gathered via SurveyMonkey) down to 31 heroes. From that point, we featured one hero on the Trillium blog each day throughout the month of May.

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Give your community a voice

As a result of our survey launch, we learned that heroes are truly everywhere in our community and that if you give your community a vehicle to use their voice, they will use it. It’d be easy for a large organization like Trillium to just nominate and select heroes that we deemed worthy.

But using SurveyMonkey to gather the public nominations kept this process truly community-driven. We’re committed to acting within our community rather than upon our community in our work, so this advocacy campaign needed to hold similar values.

The Trillium team plans to continue using survey data for future “Keep Oregon Well” Mental Health Heroes Awards, as well as other business communications challenges we face such as equity and inclusion assessments and other internal communications needs. SurveyMonkey is a diverse and incredibly useful platform for a thriving communications department like Trillium Family Services.

SurveyMonkey is the key to keeping us connected to the communities we serve, and works as something of a megaphone for giving voice to those who might otherwise be voiceless or not have a place at the table. If your organization values open communication, relying on the data that SurveyMonkey can provide you makes it that much easier to do.

Interested in learning more about Trillium Family Services? Visit their resource page here.

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