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Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys (with apologies to Micky Dolenz and The Monkees)

Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys (with apologies to Micky Dolenz and The Monkees)

Welcome to the first installment of the SurveyMonkey blog. We want to use this space to start a conversation with our fans and customers in typical SurveyMonkey fashion—informal, helpful, and easy to understand. From a philosophical standpoint, we understand you are trying to get good information so you can make better use of our tools.  It’s important to us that your experience here (as it is on our site) is also friendly and fun.

This is where we’ll provide bite-sized morsels that help you make the most of our product. We’ll also feature customers who are using SurveyMonkey in interesting ways. And you’ll get a peek behind the scenes here—new things we’re working on to make the product better as well as some of the people (we refer to ourselves as Monkeys) behind SurveyMonkey.

One of our team members I’m excited to introduce you to is Dr. Philip Garland, our VP of Methodology (and yes, our very own “Dr. Phil,” but with a Ph.D. from Stanford that focused heavily on survey research methodology, not clinical psychology like that other Dr. Phil). Phil will be contributing regular posts on how to improve the quality of your survey results. As a preview, Phil has taught us all here that using the matrix question type is a bad idea in survey design—look for his upcoming post on that subject soon.

Most importantly, we want your feedback—you can comment directly here on the blog, send me an email at or respond to the many surveys we’ll post here, including the one below. We promise to respond quickly and we will work to address your product requests as best we can. We’ll plan on sharing your feedback from the survey below on a future post and use your input to shape our blog content, so please tell us what you think.

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Thank you for your support and enthusiasm.

Dave Goldberg, CEO

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8 thoughts on “Hey, Hey, We’re the Monkeys (with apologies to Micky Dolenz and The Monkees)

  1. William says:

    Looking good SurveyMonkey!

  2. Lisa says:

    Looks great! Can’t wait for Dr. Phil article about matrix questions!

  3. Phil G says:

    Lisa, here’s the post on matrix questions. I welcome your feedback on it…

  4. Survey Results PDF Output – Product Shortcomings or User Ignorance?

    I can not find a way to produce a comprehensive PDF report which includes comment responses within the Survey Page. The PDF report presents a nice graphical representation for questions with choice options (Yes/No, Multiple choice, etc). It also includes comment questions but only shows the number of comment responses. It does not show the actual responses(comments). Comments do appear at the bottome of the PDF report, yet these are out of order – they are not embeded within the section they belong.

    You can go to a specific Comment like question and generate a single PDF output for that specific question. But too much manual work to produce pdf for each comment question and then collate them into the full survey results PDF. The excel export function also creates too much manual intervention to generate a presentable report.

    First Time User here. Created a Survey with 6 pages, where the 1st page prompts for service type used and based on the service type selected takes them 1 of 5 page specific to that service. End Result – 40 questions, with 12 of them being comment like questions. PDF Results Report lists all choice type questions 1st and then the comments at the end of the report.

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