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The Future of Digital Music Survey

The Future of Digital Music Survey

Last week, right before the holidays our CEO, Dave Goldberg, was on Bloomberg West talking about the future of digital music.  He unveiled results from a new SurveyMonkey Audience survey about radio listening habits.  We had a few folks write in asking us to share the results of the survey.  And now that we’re all done eating our weight in stuffing, we wanted to post the highlights:

Key Data Points

Compared to last year, 57% of people report listening to A LITTLE or A LOT more online radio.  Top reasons why:

• Personalization 55%
• Convenience 55%
• Free 50%

The majority (55%) of online radio listeners report hearing one or two ad per 15min block.  And, 76% of people also report that they are only willing to listen to one or two ad per 15 min block.

  • 62% would not be willing to pay for a streaming radio service with no ads
  • 38% would pay for a streaming radio service with no ads; with the majority of those people (21%) willing to pay between $1-3 per month

 Other Radio Data Points

  • 40% of people reported listening 1-3 hours of terrestrial radio weekly
  • Listening to terrestrial radio is FLAT (1-3hrs) with 60% of people reporting that they listen to about the same amount as last year.
  • 12% of people reported listening to terrestrial radio LESS than last year.  Of the people listening less:
    • 35% reported listening to more CD’s/MP3’s
    • 30% reported it’s because they’re listening to more online radio
    • 23% reported it’s because terrestrial radio has too many ads
  • 80% of people reported not listening to satellite radio during the past week.  Of those that did listen, the main reason why was because it came installed with a car purchase (47%).

Survey results were based on a sample from of more than 850 SurveyMonkey Audience respondents.  We’re always happy to share things we learn.  If you have an idea for other surveys you’d like to see, let us know in the comment box below.  If you’d like to run your own survey on SurveyMonkey Audience, find out more here, see past posts and some successful case studies.


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2 thoughts on “The Future of Digital Music Survey

  1. Dr. VIDYUT KATAGADE says:

    Thanks for letting me peep in your (?Hard) Home work for the survey. Ads are indeed a pain in the neck. They fail to alter one’s lifestyle. If at all, a hindrance in serene listening, further hardens one against ads & ad agencies. A fact that covert ad-costs are included in promoted product and paid for by clients hurts even more. Music one choses to listen to must be a ‘Stand Alone’ item on air. Only one’s wish to continue or stop listening should rein supreme… else where’s the element of ‘Free Choice’?

    1. Bennett P says:

      Dr. Vidyut – Good insights. Appreciate you sharing your thoughts and reading the post. Needless to say, we’re as passionate about music as we are about surveys!

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