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Top Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

Top Ways to Use Technology in the Classroom

How does tech impact grades?If you’re a regular here (and we sure hope you are), then you know it’s no secret that we love to talk about education. And specifically, how technology in education plays a role both in the classroom and outside of it.

We’re even trying to make it easier more efficient for colleges to award financial aid through our sister company FluidReview’s scholarship management software.

But before they can get to college, there are a lot of challenges for students to overcome. For example, laptops, tablets, smartphones each play a huge part in most of our daily lives, but how are they being used by our kids in school? Are educators incorporating technology into lesson plans and programs and just how effective is it? Does technology optimize learning or does it distract or encourage bad behavior, i.e. cheating?

Our CEO, Dave Goldberg, sat down recently with Cory Johnson and Emily Chang of Bloomberg West to talk about how tech is being used in the classroom. We asked over 600 young adults ages 14-23, using SurveyMonkey Audience to get their thoughts.

Check out our breakdown of the results below and catch his full interview here.

Laptops are preferred for coursework over mobile in the classroom.

  • Nearly a third of high schoolers say they like to use their laptops for work in class and almost 40% of college aged students say the same.
  • Only 20% of high schoolers use their mobile device and college students use them even less at 15%.
  • For use outside the classroom, both student types prefer their laptops for homework over their mobile devices.

What do teachers prefer?

  • Interactive whiteboards–Smart Boards–and projectors are more commonly used in the classroom by teachers. More so in college (48%) than in high schools currently (36%).
  • In terms of software, Microsoft Office is used the most by both educators and students. College students use the program more at 84%.
  • Educational web and mobile apps aren’t popular with either cohorts right now.

Students are still fans of books–real books.

  • Perhaps surprisingly, physical textbooks are still tops over e-books with students. A whopping 78% vs. 18% of both high school and college students prefer the page over the screen.
  • Almost three quarters of high schoolers and 59% of college students report that their learning experience is deepened “somewhat” to “much more” because of technology used in the classroom.
  • Grades are also somewhat better according to students based off of their overall use of tech.

What about the distraction factor and cheating?

  • According to the students surveyed, far more (72%) say they’re more likely to be distracted by use of tech outside of the classroom than in it (46%).
  • Cheating isn’t such a big deal apparently either. 29% believe that cheating has moderately increased because of tech devices with only 10% saying it’s increased significantly.

To see our full set of results, please head over to our Slideshare page.

Ready to start your own SurveyMonkey Audience project? Visit our resource page and let us know if you have questions below!

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