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It’s Time for Taxes! Are Americans Ready?

It’s Time for Taxes! Are Americans Ready?

Well, spring has officially sprung. The birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, and the IRS is ready for action! We’re only 10 days away from April 15—Tax Day. In an effort to find out if the average Joe and Jane have submitted their W-2s–don’t worry, we won’t tell if you haven’t–we surveyed over 200 Americans using SurveyMonkey Audience to see how they’re getting ready for the Big Day.

First, we decided to see how many procrastinators are among us. Perhaps not too surprisingly, quite a few of you are cutting it close. Interestingly, the number of those of you who’ve completed your 2012 taxes is identical to those haven’t yet, but still plan to—both at 48%. And the remaining 2.5% just aren’t planning to file at all. Yikes!

Difficult task that it is, completing your taxes has definitely been made easier with online services—a practice employed by the majority of respondents (62%). Plus, making Mother Nature happy just as the season turns is never a bad idea:

The most popular online tax service at the IRS’s party? Turbo Tax proves to be the one everyone wants to hang out with (57%), followed by H&R Block trailing in at a distant second with 18% of respondents:

And for those who had filed last year, a whopping 83% reported they used the same service to complete their 2012 taxes. If it ain’t broke, why fix it seems to be true here:

So, are you in the remaining 48% still planning to file in the next 10 days? Saving trees and submitting online this year or do you prefer good ole face-time and working with a CPA?

Let us know in the comments section below and good luck filing, everyone!

To see the full set of the survey’s responses, click here.

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