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How Entrepreneur, Tamara Monosoff, Uses Surveys for Community Feedback

How Entrepreneur, Tamara Monosoff, Uses Surveys for Community Feedback

Tamara MonosoffHave a thesaurus handy? No worries, we’ve got you covered. When we look up entrepreneurial, a shortlist of pretty inspiring words pop up—ambitious, enterprising, pioneering, go-getting, (and our personal fave) gumptious. Any of these adjectives would apply to our newest guest blogger, Dr. Tamara Monosoff.

Dr. Monosoff is a social entrepreneur, best-selling business author, award-winning inventor, speaker, and leading voice for women in business. Not only is she the CEO of TamaraMonosoff, a mentoring website for aspiring product entrepreneurs, but she’s also the founder of the globally recognized Mom Invented® consumer brand.

We’re thrilled to have Dr. Monosoff share her SurveyMonkey story and how surveys have been instrumental to staying in touch with the needs of her entrepreneurial community.

Take it away, Dr. Monosoff!

How did you put your survey plan in action?

I only launch surveys when I want to learn something specific about my community members. My intention is to understand them better so I can give them truly valuable information that they’ll be able to benefit from individually. SurveyMonkey is a breeze to use and very intuitive. The multiple choice and open-ended question types offers gets me the quick answers that I need in order to better understand their needs. Asking questions like, “Where are you stuck right now?” also helps me quickly check the pulse of my community. The feedback I’ve received has helped me shape the content found in my classes, programs and in my books.

What did you learn? Anything surprising?

Recently, I sent out a survey focused around moms and their shopping habits. I was able to survey my list because not only are my community members entrepreneurial moms but they’re also consumers. I asked moms how they shop; what they’re looking for in new products; what their expectations are from products (e.g., solve a common everyday problem or how to make their lives easier), as well as which rooms in their homes they buy for the most; and what they are looking for when they purchase online as well as what drives them to shop in stores too.

The outcome of this survey was stunning. I learned a tremendous amount about their current needs as a consumer as well as things they wanted to see in the future.   The thing that surprised me the most is that women are no longer “brand loyal.”  They’re willing to try new products if they solve their immediate needs—it helps if the product’s stylish as well!

My target audience is entrepreneurs and understanding their needs is a top priority of mine when it comes to better serving them. The simplicity and convenience of creating and sending online surveys has expanded how I conduct my market research. It’s so simple to use that I not only highlight SurveyMonkey in my books, I also demonstrate virtually to my students on how to take advantage of this powerful tool. I like to say that the fastest way to get from ‘I wonder’ to ‘I know’ is with SurveyMonkey!

Tamara Monosoff is CEO of TamaraMonosoff and a former White House Advisor for the Clinton administration and served as Chief of Staff for Adult Education for the US Department of Education.

Leave your questions for Dr. Monosoff in the Comments section below!

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