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How TAM Airlines Boosts Employee Happiness

How TAM Airlines Boosts Employee Happiness


Getting the opportunity to showcase the diverse ways that our global customers are using SurveyMonkey is one of our favorite things to do here on the blog. Please join us in giving a warm monkey welcome to Marcelo Nobrega, Vice President of Human Resources at TAM Airlines—Brazil’s largest airline.

Welcome, Marcelo!

Every day at TAM Airlines, we ask ourselves: How can we keep our 28,000-strong workforce engaged and happy with their jobs? That’s a lot of people to stay in touch with—and it can take a lot of time to touch base with people in every department and region across Brazil. SurveyMonkey Enterprise narrows the gap between my human resources team and our employees, making it easy for us to take the pulse of our workforce whenever we need to.

Better than Paper

Before SurveyMonkey, we sent out paper surveys to employees. There was usually a delay in getting the surveys back and compiling results, which meant we responded slowly to employee needs. We had staff who manually input survey results, but that process often created errors, so we couldn’t be sure that our survey results were accurate.

We regularly survey thousands of employees about our training classes in São Paulo, and we like to get their feedback so that we can continually improve training. Surveying class attendees seemed like a great place to get started with SurveyMonkey’s online surveys—and now, feedback from attendees is immediate.

Shortening Training Classes

SurveyMonkey helps us uncover ideas for improving training that we might not have figured out on our own. For instance, we found out that employees thought that some of the content in a three-day business strategy class was too basic. We decided to eliminate that content, which let us shorten the classes from three days to two days.

Similarly, we found out from surveys that employees attending our eight-hour training classes were typically working six-hour shifts, so we had to pay them for overtime – plus, people had to spend a very long day in the classroom. We decided the course material could just as easily be presented in six hours. Now we don’t have to pay overtime and employees are happier about the shorter sessions.

Improving the HR Experience

Once we realized how much fast and useful feedback we could obtain from SurveyMonkey, we decided to expand it to other HR programs. We’re surveying job candidates to learn how we can make the interview experience better, and we’re asking departing employees their opinions about the company so we can pinpoint problems earlier.

We’re even using surveys to find out what employees think of their office spaces–and we discovered they want some upgrades, so we’re dedicating budget to renovations. It’s just part of how SurveyMonkey helps us keep employees happy.

If you’d like to learn more about how TAM Airlines elevated employee happiness to even greater heights, check out our case study below.

Ready to get started with SurveyMonkey Enterprise? Visit our resource page to learn more.

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