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Make Life Easier—Take Advantage of Our Question Bank

Make Life Easier—Take Advantage of Our Question Bank

story2-blog-question-bank copyQuestions, questions everywhere. We dearly love them at SurveyMonkey. And we love expertly written questions even more. So…say hello to Question Bank, oh lovers of questions (and quality answers). 

Our Question Bank contains a vast wealth of methodologically certified, pre-written questions including answer choices, that you can easily add to your survey.

We’ll be discussing a few fun ways to help you navigate and take advantage of this powerful feature.

Let’s get crackin’.

How to use subcategories

There are thousands of questions, and 13 main categories, so it’s understandable that you may feel a little overwhelmed at first. One way to narrow down what you are looking for? Use the subcategories that are within every main category. To find these, you click on one of the main categories in Question Bank. After you’re brought to the question list for that category, click the dropdown arrow at the top of the list of questions next to the main category name.

SurveyMonkey Question Bank

As you can see in the image above, when you select the Customer Feedback dropdown list you get quite a few subcategories such as: Product Feedback, Service Feedback, Website Feedback, etc.

But then you’ll see this: ——— line that separates those subcategories from template categories. Template categories are actually just the questions that are located in our Expert Templates, made accessible in the Question Bank. For example, on the Customer Feedback dropdown you will see: Business to Business Template, Customer Comments Template, Software Evaluation template, and other templates that all fall within the Customer Feedback category.

How to change the language in Question Bank

Now what if you want to include questions from the Question Bank on your survey in multiple languages? Or say you need to quickly send out a Customer Feedback survey in Spanish or German? Fret not. Our Localization and Survey Research teams have been updating the Question Bank in other languages so that we have our latest content available across multiple languages. This is an ongoing process, but a ton of work has already been done so stay tuned for even more updates to come.

SurveyMonkey Question Bank

The question is how do you change the language of the Question Bank, within the survey design? Well, all you have to do is click the options dropdown menu, click the language tab, select your desired language, then hit Done. This will change the survey language of your current survey, which in turn changes the Question Bank language.

This also changes the language of the Net Promoter® Score question, which you can add from the builder! The Net Promoter Score question—if you want this question type in a language other than English—is only available via the Question Builder currently. The entire template is also available in other languages.

SurveyMonkey Question Bank

SurveyMonkey Question Bank

Our Survey Research team is always hard at work creating/updating questions and templates, which means the Question Bank is a dynamic feature of SurveyMonkey that is constantly evolving. So you might see a new subcategory or template in the Question Bank that was not there the day before. Explore these, and use them!

So allow us to make your life easier, dear survey designers. You don’t need to worry about question wording, or answer choices when using Question Bank. And take those extra minutes we’ve saved you and do something fun—design another survey perhaps?

Let Austin know if you have questions or comments below!


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