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Tahoka Independent School District Launches K-12 Parent Survey

Tahoka Independent School District Launches K-12 Parent Survey
Tahoka students

Tahoka students

We’re passionate about education here at SurveyMonkey. That’s why we partnered with the Harvard Graduate School of Education in the creation of the K-12 Parent Survey, the very first of its kind. The survey template was developed in order to help K-12 schools ask their parents the right questions needed to measure important aspects of the family/school relationship. Public schools, private, independent, charter, urban, rural, large and small schools can use this template in order to see how they’re doing with their students’ parents and caregivers.

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Tahoka Independent School District (TISD), located in the Texas panhandle, launched the K-12 Parent survey to all elementary school, middle schools and high schools in their district. Cathy Box, school board member, is here to talk about how the survey will help strengthen her district’s educational goals.

Welcome, Cathy!

We’re a tight-knit community of just under 3,000 here in Tahoka and our pre K-12 school serves a student body of under 700. We’re excited that our school district’s board is working on creating a vision that is in sync with our motto–“In Pursuit of Excellence”. Looking at the big picture is important to us and part of doing that is collecting input from our community in order to better inform our decision making. Our educational mission is to provide equitable opportunities for scholarship, leadership, and individual citizenship for our students. With the cooperation of faculty, staff, parents and community, we will offer, encourage, and assist students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for them to become productive members of a culturally diverse society.

Our decision to use SurveyMonkey’s K-12 Parent Survey template was based off our need to learn more about our community and because we needed to do an even better job of reaching out to our students’ families. The starting point for us was beginning a dialogue with folks and learn how we can support their needs. We also needed answers to important questions. Questions like, How do our parents perceive their school? What’s their relationship like with teachers and administrators and how can they continue to help their kids at home?

The K-12 Parent Survey was deployed in mid-May electronically and paper copies were also sent out in both English and Spanish. Utilizing both the electronic and paper versions of the survey template as well as offering it in dual languages was the best way to reach as many families as possible. Once we began to receive the survey results, we scheduled town halls in order to give people the opportunity help us further inform our plans for educational programs. The shape and vision of the upcoming school year will largely depend on the kind of data that we collect. Up until now, TISD did not have a mechanism in place to collect feedback or a way to target our parents and learn about their direct involvement specifically.

We’re proud that we can help support Tahoka Independent School District in realizing their educational goals and enriching the lives of students, parents and teachers.  

Interested in learning more about Tahoka Independent School District? Click here.

If you’re a school administrator/educator and are interested in learning how to get started with the Harvard Graduate School of Education K-12 Parent Survey or would like to get in touch with us, please visit our resource page.

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