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Bring Your Own Device to Work, Consumers Weigh In On Mobile Phone Options

Bring Your Own Device to Work, Consumers Weigh In On Mobile Phone Options

Yesterday, our chief monkey Dave Goldberg, appeared on Bloomberg West with Emily Chang for January’s SurveyMonkey Shakedown segment to talk about the workplace trend of using personal mobile devices. This month’s survey also focused on what people are using their mobile phones for the most and which brand they prefer to use for either personal or business purposes. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we surveyed over 600 Americans to get their views. Check out the segment and survey findings below.

The bring-your-own-device work trend has permeated across all industries.

  • 80% of all respondents can use the mobile phone of their choice for business purposes.
  • 79% are only using one mobile phone because of this.
  • Two top industries where respondents indicated they’re not allowed to use their phone of choice are finance-insurance (33%) and manufacturing (40%).
  • 39% work for companies that provide IT support for any type of mobile phone.

Making phone calls are still the most important use for mobile phones but age makes a difference.

  • The majority of the general population are using phones mostly for phone calls at 35%. Messaging came in second place at 28% and email came in last at 19%.
  • Age makes a difference though! The under 18-29 group said that they use their mobile phones mostly for messaging (44%). Surfing the Internet came in second and only 18% replied that they use their devices for making a phone call.
  • There is also a difference when looking at the phone as a personal tool or one used in a professional nature. All respondents indicated that they most use their personal phone for messaging and phone calls (32% each), while the option they most used for business purposes was email (46%).
  • iPhones are the most popular across all age groups. 59% chose it as the phone they’d most like to use for work and business purposes. Android was second at 34%, and Blackberry came in last at only 4%.

Nearly two-thirds (61%) of respondents owned or regularly used a Blackberry at some point in their life.

  • But now more than three-quarters (82%) of users are no longer using a Blackberry device. 73% of those people said they stopped using their Blackberry more than a year ago.
  • Android-based mobile phones (37%) and iPhones (58%) were the top two phones of choice that former Blackberry users switched to.
  • Top reasons for their switching: 19% said it was because of screen size, 14% had issues with usability and 13% didn’t like Blackberry’s app market.
  • Those still using their Blackberry said that email is their favorite feature at 43%.

Blackberry users are also likely using multiple mobile phones.

  • Of those users who are currently using two or more phones, a significant number are using Blackberry as one of their phones.
  • 40% of those using two phones have a Blackberry and 20% of those using three phones have a Blackberry.
  • The lucky people who are using five or more phones (20%) also own a Blackberry while only 12% of those people using one phone own a Blackberry.

Are consumers excited for the Blackberry 10? Not quite yet.

  • Only 17% of current Blackberry users are planning to switch to the Blackberry 10. Another 36% said they aren’t sure yet so there may still be time for Blackberry to try and convince consumers once more information comes out.
  • Most workers are in the dark about their companies’ mobile plans – 62% don’t know if their companies will be upgrading their mobile phones to Blackberry 10.

To see the full set of survey results, head to our Slideshare page and click here.

Do you bring your own device to work? What brand do you prefer? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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