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Introducing the SurveyMonkey Audience Monthly Tracker

Introducing the SurveyMonkey Audience Monthly Tracker

Here at SurveyMonkey, we’re big on feedback. There’s nothing we love more than hearing opinions, perspectives, and reactions from the public—whether you’re gathering valuable customer feedback for your candy business, conducting your own market research for the new application you’re building, or just getting a pulse on which summer blockbusters the movie-going public is most interested in seeing.

So, keeping that surveying spirit in mind, we’re introducing a new monthly tracker. Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we’ll be surveying over 500 American consumers on a monthly basis with the goal of observing media, leisure, technology and shopping trends over time. What will we be featuring in this monthly tracker? A better question is what won’t we be featuring. Here’s a sample of some of topics we’ll be exploring in the upcoming months.

  • Netflix usage
  • Online music
  • Social networking
  • Online video gaming
  • Mobile application usage
  • Grocery shopping trends
  • Casual restaurant dining
  • Fast food dining
  • Online restaurant reservations and food delivery services
  • Amazon shopping trends
  • Department store shopping

You can see the full set of responses here, but to whet your appetite for more data, here are some quick facts about a favorite topic of ours—food:

Among the most frequented stores to shop for groceries, respondents reported that they shopped at Safeway (6%), Costco (4%), and Sam’s Club (4%) at least once a month.



















When dining out at casual restaurants, our respondents could be found enjoying the food at Olive Garden (15%), Applebee’s (14%), and Chili’s (13%).

And if they made reservations at those restaurants, an overwhelming 69% of respondents used online reservation service OpenTable to get a table, while a much smaller number (32%) used restaurants’ own websites to score a table at their local eatery.

Be sure to stay tuned as we start comparing monthly trends over time. Until next time…

Interested in running your own SurveyMonkey Audience project? Are there some categories you’d like us to add to our monthly tracker? Let us know in the comments section below.


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2 thoughts on “Introducing the SurveyMonkey Audience Monthly Tracker

  1. Chris Butler says:

    Don’t the restaurants that use OpenTable get redirected from the restaurant’s website to OpenTable anyways? That would make the top two answers the same for the restaurants that use OpenTable.

    If the goal was to test how many restaurants use OpenTable vs. other reservation services that is probably a different question…

    It would be more interesting to understand how people select restaurants than book them, especially because a guest that wants to go to a restaurant will most likely book the way that is available (OpenTable becomes a self-fulfilling action if the restaurant uses OpenTable).

    The options would probably be word of mouth (e.g. a friend told them about it), Google (maybe break out cuisine or local based searches), Yelp, OpenTable, email from the restaurant, offer (e.g. Groupon or Living Social), etc.

    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Chris – That’s a great point. Thanks for sharing the information you’d be interested in, so we can better tailor our tracking to your needs and interests. We’ll keep you posted about the latest in Audience Monthly Tracker, so check back in for more. Thanks!

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