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SurveyMonkey at PyCon 2011

SurveyMonkey at PyCon 2011

Here at SurveyMonkey, we love open source. Many of our tools and internal services run on top of a large set of open source technologies. Our big favorite is Python, a programming language that we are steadily adopting as our new language of choice.

Every year, programmers from all around the world gather for PyCon, the largest Python conference connecting the community. This year, SurveyMonkey is a proud sponsor of this event happening from March 9th through the 17th in Atlanta, Georgia. And guess what? PyCon 2011 uses SurveyMonkey to get feedback from their 1400 attendees!

Moreover, some of our great engineers are attending PyCon and will return with bleeding edge technologies! And as strong supporters of open source, we will be hacking on web technologies (Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, …) during the sprint days just after the conference. So if you are around, stop by and say hello to our code Monkeys!

\Sprint Sessions

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9 thoughts on “SurveyMonkey at PyCon 2011

  1. Indra van deemter says:

    We don’t love open source. The disadvantage of Survey Monkey is that if you have an account, like we have on our highschool, students can see eachothers questionnaires and they can change them if they want.

    For us it would be better if the information in Surveymonkey could be protected by each producer. It is no option to start a new account for every student because than we would need 100 accounts or more.

    Maybe you can improve this?

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Indra–thanks for your feedback. Open source describes the technology solutions our development team is using to build our site: It sounds like what you would like for your students is the ability to have different account access permissions within the same account. We appreciate hearing how you’re using SurveyMonkey and some of the areas you’d like to see improved, so please keep the feedback coming as it helps us understand what areas we can work on.

  2. Mike Norman says:

    Since you lover Open Source so much, can I have the SurveyMonkey codebase under MPL or similar please?

    1. Alex C says:

      Mike –

      We do love Open Source, but the codebase is a bit too much to ask! Thanks for reading the post.


  3. Indika says:

    I love SurveyMonkey. Can I know the programming language used for the SurveyMonkey engine? Is that all Python?

    Open source rockes!!

    best regards,


    1. Hanna J says:

      Hi Indika – We used to use .NET, but we’re in the process of transitioning everything to Python. Monkeys love open source…and customers like you! Let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!

  4. karna says:

    Do you allow programmatic download of the the results of all surveys in an account?

    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Karna- thanks for the question! Can you clarify what you mean by ‘programmatic’? Just want to be sure we’re understanding correctly.

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