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Survey Editor Gets a Few Cool Updates

Survey Editor Gets a Few Cool Updates

Hey, I’m Tim, one of the product managers here at SurveyMonkey and I wanted to share the good news with you that we’ve just freshened up the SurveyMonkey survey editor to make it easier than ever for you to create your surveys.  Here’s what’s new and improved…

One Page for Everything

We now show you your entire survey on one page by default.  We made this change to help you see your survey as a whole, so you can easily view and edit the flow of your questions.  We also made this update to help support our new skip logic interface, which focuses on questions rather than pages. This was something we heard many customers ask for, and really wanted to make happen for you!

Two Numbers to Make Skip Logic Simple

The other noticeable change in our survey editor is that you’ll now see two numbers next to each question.  We show you both the number your respondents will see when they take your survey as well as the absolute number of the question, represented by a “Q” in front of the number.  You now have the choice to number your questions by page (starting over from #1 on each page), or numbering across your whole survey. Also, we will automatically re-number questions for you when you use skip logic, so your question numbers will always make sense to your respondents.

Numbers you’ll see in survey editor…

SurveyMonkey Question Numbering

You can choose how you number your questions…

SurveyMonkey Page and Question Numbering

We also sprinkled in a few subtle changes to the layout of the buttons and questions, because we’re always looking for ways to make our site easy (and fun!) to use.

We’d love to hear what you think, so please share your feedback and suggestions here…

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Learn more about question numbering here.
Learn more about skip logic here.

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2 thoughts on “Survey Editor Gets a Few Cool Updates

  1. Bob LeBailly says:

    I would like an option of whether question are automatically renumbered after a skip or keep the original number. I often have a group of 6-12 people reviewing the survey after it is in SurveyMonkey, and they will say, “There is a typo in question 28.” However with the question renumbering, I’m not sure which question they are talking about.

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