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Looking for Survey Alternatives? Say Hello to Wufoo!

Looking for Survey Alternatives? Say Hello to Wufoo!

How many of you out there have been tasked with the awesome responsibility of planning your best friend’s surprise birthday party? Ever had to organize your company’s annual volunteer event? Or maybe it’s your turn this week to carpool the neighborhood kids to soccer practice?

Of course we here at SurveyMonkey have a super simple solution for any one of those situations–Survey away!

But, what if surveys just aren’t your thing and you’re on the lookout for some snazzy alternatives? Well, look no further because our brothers and sisters over at Wufoo–home of the online form builder–have got just the thing for you. When using Wufoo, you don’t need to worry about having any fancy coding skills to get your online forms up and running. Anyone, that’s right, anyone can create an effective and elegant online form.

So whether you’re a kindergarten teacher who needs to figure out how many of your students’ parents will be attending the school bake sale or you’re a small business owner needing to find a way to collect payments from your customers, Wufoo’s a pretty awesome survey alternative to getting you the information you need. Best of all, Wufoo developers have made it even easier (and faster!) for you to get started because there are over 90 templates to choose from! You’ll have form templates at your fingertips for wedding planning, fundraising, marketing planning, product evaluations; there’s even a template for hypothesis testing research–the list goes on and on.

Below are just a few of Wufoo’s templates to choose from. Don’t forget to click the links so you can check out the form in action and get a glimpse of sample reports–you won’t be disappointed you did.

Mailing List

We hope you’re still not relying on mass emails to spread the word about your company, product or service but just in case you are–quit it! With the Wufoo Mailing List template, you’ll be whipping up email newsletters like a pro in no time:

Event Registration

Say you’re in charge of organizing a conference or a community workshop and you need to know how many are attending, whose bringing what, anyone have special dietary needs? Let Wufoo make planning your next event easy, fast and fun with their Event Registration template (partial view):

Online Order Forms

If you’re a small business owner, then you know that keeping your online payment system simple for your customers is key to keeping the lights on. With the power of Wufoo’s payment integration features, you can easily connect your Wufoo forms to PayPal, Google Checkout and more. Get started with an online order form like this one:

Party Invitation

Got a bash to throw? Thinking about all of those RSVPs soon to come your way and not sure how to keep everyone straight? Don’t worry, Wufoo’s got you covered. Head over to the Form Gallery where you can use one of their featured themes, create one yourself in Theme Designer, or take advantage of one of their party invitation templates:

There you go! If you’re on the lookout for alternatives to surveys, no need to look far. Head over to Wufoo and take one of their many forms out for a spin. You can also get even more info over at the Wufoo Blog–product updates, customer spotlights and how-tos await.

Already a Wufoo fan and looking for help? Their amazing customer operations team is just one click away!

Comments? Questions? Leave ’em all for us below.

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2 thoughts on “Looking for Survey Alternatives? Say Hello to Wufoo!

  1. Toby says:

    We send 1 survey out every year do you have a one time fee or product for that. We are a non-profit and cant afford $300 per year.


    1. Kayte K says:

      Hi Toby! If you don’t need any more than 100 responses per survey, you can sign up for one of our free (BASIC) accounts. Here’s a list of the features with that plan:

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