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What’s the State of Streaming TV? American Viewers Weigh In

What’s the State of Streaming TV? American Viewers Weigh In

This week, our chief monkey, Dave Goldberg visited Bloomberg West for this month’s SurveyMonkey Shakedown to talk the state of streaming TV with Jon Erlichman. In the world of TV and media, it’s become much more common to hear of hit shows making their debut via the Internet instead of network television. Shows like Netflix’s House of CardsArrested Development and Alpha House from the newly-formed Amazon Studios, have all helped change the shape of what TV viewing at home looks like.

We wanted to know more about who watches streaming TV shows and see just how big streaming TV might turn out to be. Is it on the rise, just a trend, or is streaming here to stay? We asked over 600 Americans using SurveyMonkey Audience, a great feature used to target a specific demographic, to get their thoughts.

Check out Dave’s segment and the survey findings below.

Most people primarily watch programs at their regularly scheduled times on cable or satellite.

  • Nearly half of viewers at 46% still watch shows at their normally broadcasted times.
  • 29% primarily record programs on a DVR or similar service to watch later.
  • 18% primarily use streaming or download services.

BUT, figures differ significantly among 18-29 year-olds.

  • Age makes a difference! 42% primarily use streaming services to watch television.
  • Nearly 30% of respondents say they watch at regularly scheduled times on satellite and cable.
  • 26% reported they watch recorded programs on DVR or other service.

Watching TV at home is still the most popular place to be.

  • A whopping 86% prefer to watch from the comfort of their homes on their TV set.
  • Less than 10% of folks primarily watch on a desktop or laptop with a higher percentage for the 18-29 year-old age bracket preferring to watch on a small screen (28%).
  • Only 1% of respondents said they like to watch on their tablet.

There is an upward trend in streaming, but slower than some might think.

  • 34% use streaming services significantly more than they did 12 months ago, 19% somewhat more; however, 47% use streaming just as much or less.
  • 22% are extremely or very likely to switch from cable/satellite to streaming services in the next 12 months with a little over half saying “not at all likely to do so” and 15% reporting they’ve already made the switch.

Cost makes a difference.

  • Why switch from cable to streaming? Price. 61% of those who’ve switched from cable/satellite to streaming cite price as the primary reason–streaming is less expensive.

Netflix dominates, but YouTube is on the rise.

  • 83% have used Netflix to stream TV but keep an eye on YouTube as they placed second at 52%.
  • Half of viewers have used Hulu.
  • A quarter of respondents have chosen iTunes and Amazon Prime as their streaming service.
  • 15% use cable streaming service, HBO GO.

How do people prefer to stream their TV shows?

  • Most people prefer to use their laptop or tablet in order to stream to their TV sets (38%) as opposed to a dominant set top box.
  • 15% use a gaming device such as PlayStation, Wii or XBox and 11% use Internet-enabled TV.
  • Less than 10% use a Blu-Ray player or a Roku and only 7% say they like to use Apple TV.

Viewers love watching episodes in one sitting.

  • Over half of viewers at 56% say they like to watch multiple episodes of a show in one sitting when on DVR.
  • 66% prefer to do their binge watching using streaming services.
  • The rate is higher among 18-29 year-olds: 72% watch multiple episodes in a single sitting on DVR; 81% when streaming.

Have consumers heard of Aereo?

  • Not just yet with only 5% of respondents saying they’re familiar with it however after being informed, 42% said they’d be willing to give the Internet TV service a try if it was available in their city.
  • Of the 58% who said they would not be interested in Aereo, 78% said it was because they don’t need another service for watching television.

How many people have illegally downloaded a television program?

  • One in five ‘fessed up to illegally downloading with 31% doing so once a month.
  • 17% download once a week and 5% say they do it every day.

To view the entire survey and results, head over to our Slideshare page.

Are you a fan of streaming TV? What’s your favorite show to watch? Tell us in the Comments section!

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