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Are We Getting Enough Sleep?

Are We Getting Enough Sleep?

Sleepy Monkeys“Sleep? Overrated.” “Sleep is for the weak!” “The early bird gets the…” You get where we’re going, right? Most of us have heard these declarations at one point or another throughout our busy days. As technology evolves, our lives may be getting easier but we’re also getting busier.

Many people are trading in precious hours of real sleep for liquid energy to meet deadlines and maximize productivity. Those who juggle jobs with family life know all too well that finding the time to get a full eight hours a night can be quite the daily challenge. Trying to find the balance between waking and working hours can be tough but it’s worth the effort. The benefits of a good night’s rest are well-documented. Advocates for sleep like Arianna Huffington are imploring people to “let your head hit the pillow in order to reach the top.”

So we wanted to find out, where do most Americans stand? How much sleep are they getting these days? How prevalent is the consumption of coffee, energy drinks, and countless other methods to keeping energy levels high? Using SurveyMonkey Audience, we surveyed over 200 Americans to find out how much sleep they’re getting, what their energy levels are like, and whether they’re satisfied.

Take a look at what we found out.

How many hours of sleep do you get?

Luckily, the majority of respondents do not sound dangerously sleep-deprived with nearly half getting between 6-8 hours a night. For those who are lacking in that department, what are they doing to keep themselves alert during the day?

What do you do to get more energy?

Coffee. People love it. A lot. A good old-fashioned cup of joe reigns supreme over the staggering range of energy drinks currently on the market, supplements, and exercise.

And the big question–how satisfied are they with their current sleep schedules?

How satisfied are you with your sleep?

Based on our results, we can see that a majority (62%) of people are averaging 6-8 hours of shut-eye each night. Less than 2% of people we surveyed are getting less than four hours of sleep per night–phew. While most folks say they’re satisfied with the amount of sleep they get, people who receive the fewest hours of sleep per night are more likely to want to change this in the near future. New Year’s Resolution anyone?

Overall, our data tells us that perhaps the motto, “Sleep less, Work more” may not be as prevalent as we thought. Most people are managing to get a decent amount of sleep and are generally pretty happy with their current amount of zzz’s! Now excuse us while we go grab a quick monkey nap.

How much sleep do you get a night and what’s your favorite wake-up tip? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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One thought on “Are We Getting Enough Sleep?

  1. shirtsleeve says:

    Maybe it’s more about how good than how much. I tried the Sleep Time app on my phone to learn a little more about my sleep habits. It was interesting seeing how much productive (REM) sleep I was getting. I think Jawbone does something like that, too.

    Keep dreaming!

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