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Exciting HR News: We Partner with the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation

Exciting HR News: We Partner with the Society for Human Resource Management Foundation

“How’s work?”

Hopefully, your answer is “It’s great!”

If this is the answer your organization wants to hear time after time then you’re in luck.

The Society for Human Resource Management Foundation (SHRM[F])–a globally recognized catalyst for shaping Human Resources (HR) thought leadership and research–and SurveyMonkey have partnered to launch the first SHRM[F]-certified employee engagement survey template. Why? The answer’s simple: Help organizations to better benchmark and improve employee engagement and satisfaction. an innovative new survey template to better measure and improve employee engagement and satisfaction.

Engaged = Satisfied

Tons of research has proven that employee engagement is a leading indicator of organizational success. Engaged employees are more satisfied and productive. They’re also more likely to inspire satisfied and loyal customers.Both engagement and job satisfaction are synonymous with company productivity and success.

The tricky part has been figuring out how to accurately measure employee engagement and knowing how to improve it. For more than a decade, thousands of organizations have used SurveyMonkey to try and do just that but most surveys have missed key aspects that drive at the heart of the engagement issue. The SHRM[F]-SurveyMonkey template will help solve this problem, defining ways to measure and improve employee engagement and satisfaction through actionable insights. SurveyMonkey’s unprecedented reach and methodological expertise make them the perfect partner for this effort.

How does it work?

The SHRM[F]/SurveyMonkey template was adapted from SHRM’s People InSight Survey service–an exhaustive review of academic and empirical research; input from experts on employee relations; and a psychometric review drawing from a random sample of 5,000 employees from SHRM’s database. Translation? It’s comprehensive.

The survey addresses engagement through a series of scales, including career development, relationship management, compensation and benefits, and work environment.

Insights gathered will allow employers to improve and design interventions, assess the impact of initiatives, monitor problem areas and compare results over time and across departments, locations and levels.

What does it cost, and who should use it?

It’s free to sign up, and easy to get started. Any organization wishing to assess and improve employee engagement can use the full survey, or specific scales. You can also add questions to gain insights that are unique to your organization and deploy your survey in a variety of formats–email, posted on a website, or through social channels like Facebook and Twitter. The survey tool offers real-time results and powerful analytics including multiple custom reports, filtered and cross-tabbed responses, text analysis and downloadable charts. You can also compare your employee engagement data with thousands of other organizations using SurveyMonkey Benchmarks.

To learn more and get started, please visit our resource page here.

Mark J. Schmit, Ph.D., SPHR is the Executive Director of the SHRM Foundation.

If you’re an HR professional, we hope this helps! Please do share your feedback and questions with us below.

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