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Share Your Best SurveyMonkey Tips

Share Your Best SurveyMonkey Tips

Earlier this month, members from our amazing Customer Operations team (Andrew, Colby, Florian, Heather, and Steve) shared some of their favorite insider tips. Susan Holland, one of our fabulous customers, had a great suggestion: could we create a PDF of the tips so you can print them out?

We aim to please, so we’ve created a PDF here for you to download, print, and share. Click on the link get it: SurveyMonkeyInsiderTips

And while we’re on the topic of tips…We’d love to hear yours. Think about the suggestions you share with co-workers and friends on how to get the most from SurveyMonkey and share them with us in the form below. We’ll pick some of the best ones to include in an upcoming blog post and email newsletter. And if yours is chosen, we’ll send you a barrel full of monkey treats. (Don’t worry, you won’t actually get a monkey! Just some awesome treats). Please include a picture and an email too.

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2 thoughts on “Share Your Best SurveyMonkey Tips

  1. Janice says:

    I cannot figure out why the % on our summary report does not add up correctly with the % of the individual filters. Does the system round up to the highest %?

    Maybe this isn’t the place to find out, but I sent an email earlier and did not get a response.

    1. Anne R says:

      Hi Janice–thanks for your question. Go ahead and email our fabulous customer operations team at: so they can take a look at your specific survey and filters to figure out what’s happening. Good luck and thanks for reaching out!

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