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School Survey Tools That’ll Help You Make the Grade

School Survey Tools That’ll Help You Make the Grade

school survey toolsIt’s that time of the year again. As the summer begins to wind down, gloomy students (and teachers!) everywhere are trading in swimsuits and sandals for pencils and notebooks.

Going back to school means a return to reality for everyone—from students to superintendents—but it can also mean a fresh start for setting goals and achieving great educational outcomes.

Here are a few ways to use school survey tools to educate students, keep parents and teachers engaged, and make sure your school runs smoothly this year.

Use the ultimate school survey tool: A survey template!

Want to know if parents are helping their kids with homework? Need to know if teachers feel like they’re getting support from the administration? Or just want to find out what kind of ice cream students want at the next school picnic? It’s likely you’ve got a goal in mind for your survey. And starting with an education survey template is a great place to start, so you can ask questions that get you data you can rely on.

You can include the questions as they are, or just use our school survey templates for inspiration so that you can write your own. Either way, templates save you a ton of time. Plus, they’re written by our very own survey scientists to eliminate bias and ensure that you’re collecting meaningful data.

Which school survey template is right for you?

Each school survey template covers a different aspect of education—from parent engagement to student demographics—and can give anybody in your school a way to give feedback that’ll help you make targeted improvements to your school.

For instance, bullying can often go unreported, especially with the advent of harder-to-spot types like cyberbullying.

Give students an anonymous, easy way to tell you their troubles. You can use our Bullying Survey Template to find out whether your school has a problem, gauge its severity, and give victims an option to identify themselves.

For teachers, it can be helpful to understand how parents feel about their child’s education and school. What’s the right teaching style for their children? How often do they help their kids with  homework? Are their children fitting in at school?

Find out the answers to these questions and many more with the K-12 Parent Survey Template, designed by the experts at the Harvard Graduate School of Education to help teachers and administrators understand parent efficacy and whether or not students’ education continues outside of the classroom.

And in addition to using school survey tools like SurveyMonkey surveys  to help students run their own research projects, you can make sure teachers and staff feel supported and happy by regularly collecting their feedback with the K-12 Teacher Feedback Survey.

See How Your School Stacks Up

Compare your education survey results to others to make sure you’re achieving great educational outcomes.

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Set smarter goals and track your school’s progress

Sometimes you can only understand what your survey results really mean when you put them in context. By benchmarking school performance with surveys, you can gain perspective on where your school stands.

For example, you might find 47% of parents are satisfied with the school’s programs. Is that high? Is that low? You won’t know until you compare those results to other schools. Then you can highlight your strengths and define areas that need more focus.

You can further enrich those results when you send the survey out several times over the year. When done correctly, longitudinal studies like these are useful for tracking whether any changes you’ve made are having an effect.

Shake off the back-to-school blues! With these school survey tools, you’ll be armed to jump back into the swing of things at school—even if you’d rather be at the beach.

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