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Customer Spotlight: Brings Internet Savvy to Cross Country Travel

Customer Spotlight: Brings Internet Savvy to Cross Country Travel

What happens when a serial entrepreneur discovers that one of America’s favorite pastimes still relies on old school ways of operating?  He builds a trusty new website of course.  One that ensures travelers taking cross-country trips will never have to park their Winnebago in a less-than-desirable location again.  That is the mission of—replacing outdated, printed guides with accurate, customer-friendly online information.

Bringing interactive maps, comprehensive data, and customer photos and reviews of RV parks to the web (in way that is customer-friendly and intuitive) is not easy.  But RVParking’s founder, Erik, has had lots of experience from companies such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and Intuit.  And he also relies heavily on gathering customer input—every step of the way—to guide decisions on what features to build, where to invest, and how best to grow his business.

In fact, Erik places such a high priority on gathering customer input, that he features a survey right on his homepage:

RV Park Reviews

The survey is embedded on the RVParking site, so customers can quickly give their feedback, stay on the site, and continue planning their next trip.  Pretty smart.

RV Park customer survey

So as you plan your summer trek and are looking for great RV parks in Florida, or the top reviewed parks for RVs in California, check out Erik’s new site.  And while you’re there, he’d love to hear your feedback.

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    very good

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