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(Re) Introducing Analyze!

(Re) Introducing Analyze!

AnalyzeIt should come as no surprise to any of you that we monkeys love data. Can anyone out there guess what we love to do with data? Did someone say ‘Analyze’? Exactly–gold star for you! We love to analyze data because at the end of the day, that’s how better decisions are made.

So naturally, we want to make sure that your analyze experience is the absolute best that it can be. Analyzing your survey data should be easy, intuitive and visually pleasing.

Here are just a few reasons why our Analyze tool should get you even more excited to dig deeper into your data, whether you’re a Basic or Pro customer.

Ready? Here we go!


You have a smorgasbord of chart options at your fingertips–Pie, Bar, Column, Line and Area, Donut and Stacked (vertical and horizontal). If you’d like to show/hide the chart, the data table, or both–no problem. How you decide to show your charts is completely up to you.


You’ve done the work: created your survey, sent it out and collected your responses. Now you want to be able to do something with all this information, right? Say hello to ‘in real time’ exports. Your exported data will automatically be presented to you for downloading–sweet, right? The PDF summary export has also gotten a makeover. For those of you new to it, now your open-ended responses will show after each question instead of in summary form at the end of the report. *Monkey Reminder: Only Pro customers have access to our exporting features.


New to filters? Well, one of our mottoes here at SurveyMonkey just so happens to be, “Filters are fun”. And we mean it. Filter rules allow you to focus on a specific subset of your data based on certain criteria that you define. In Analyze, filtering is even easier because you can now create unlimited filters. Don’t know about you, but ‘unlimited’ has a really great ring to it, doesn’t it? *Monkey Reminder: BASIC customers will now get one rule to filter and save on–pretty cool!

Make sure you take full advantage of these awesome features if you haven’t already.

Now just a quick heads-up for our Pro customers…

We recently announced a really exciting new way to analyze your responses–Data Trends. In case any of you survey fans missed it–Now you can compare and track your results over time. For example, if you have a survey that is collecting data throughout the year, it’s now a snap to see how responses may have changed month to month, or week to week.

Thought we were done with charts, did you? Wrong-o. Our product monkey, Josh, will be stopping by the blog again to talk about what more you can expect from our amazing charts feature. We won’t ruin the surprise but let’s just say that if you’re a fan of color, we think you’ll be quite pleased.

So stay tuned to the blog for more and we hope you enjoy all the fun new ways that you can turn data into actionable insights. And remember, if you’re using our free plan, you won’t have access to all of the analysis bells and whistles our paid plans have. So if you haven’t upgraded yet and you want to try out all that Analyze can offer, upgrading is a cinch.

Questions? Comments? Share them with us below.

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3 thoughts on “(Re) Introducing Analyze!

  1. felininho says:

    Still no way to create a sharing link…

    1. kaytek says:

      Hi there, you can still create a weblink with our weblink collector. This can then be emailed or posted for people to take. Let us know if that helps!

      1. felininho says:

        Hi Kaytek. I believe I was not clear enough. I was referring to the survey results (“share responses”) – which is still not available in the analyze beta.

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