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REDBOOK declares Friday, November 30th NO JUDGMENT DAY!

REDBOOK declares Friday, November 30th NO JUDGMENT DAY!

For many moms across the nation, it can be a challenge juggling life at home, at work and at school, with kids. On top of all of that, feeling judged by other mothers or feeling pressure to be ‘the perfect super-mom’ has been shown to be a real concern amongst moms, both new and recurring. In response, Redbook Magazine began the No Judgment Day campaign last year and this November 30th marks their second annual day in celebration of supporting all mothers’ choices and putting a stop to mom-on-mom criticism for 24 hours.

This year, Redbook has partnered with the Huffington Post and SurveyMonkey Audience to survey 1,042 Gen X/Y Mothers, ages 25-47 and 1,043 Baby Boomer mothers, ages 57-66 to survey moms on how they felt. Take it away, Redbook!

Moms, do you ever feel that the pressure to be a perfect, super-mom is real?  Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have it as ‘together’ as the mom sitting next to you?  Well, don’t be ashamed: you are not alone – and more importantly, you are doing just fine.

Here is what we learned:

  • 84% of women ages 25-47 said they worried that they’ve let themselves go compared to other moms.
  • 91% of moms ages 25-47 said they’ve felt like they couldn’t ask for help or admit when they needed a break.
  • Almost all felt pressure to exercise or to be in better shape.

It was exciting for us to learn, however, that while moms are often hard on themselves when it comes to their own appearance- as well as the appearance of their homes- when it comes to what matters most, these moms were feeling very secure.  Most women felt confident in how dedicated they are to work (65% of young moms and 66% of older moms), and most don’t question their personal work decisions either (73% of young moms and 68% of older moms).  In fact, the overarching theme from the REDBOOK/Huffington Post Parents Survey was that moms are happy being moms.  Most have rarely or never been jealous of the freedom that their single friends have nor do they question their parenting styles.

We kicked off No Judgment Day with a segment on HuffPo Live, where five mommy bloggers shared results of the surveys and confessed some of their “don’t judge me” secrets. Check out the video below:

So in honor of every mother who is doing the best she can, REDBOOK and Huffington Post Parents have partnered together in order to banish “mom-on-mom” criticism. Join by tweeting @redbookmag #NoJudgmentDay with your own “mom confession,” and/or posting your thoughts on the REDBOOK Facebook page. To see the rest of the survey’s results, and learn more about No Judgment Day, visit

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    Great read! I’ve added your RSS feeds to my Google account.

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