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How RBC Capital Markets Forecasted Kindle Fire Trends

How RBC Capital Markets Forecasted Kindle Fire Trends

With the recent release of the Kindle Fire this past holiday season, Amazon entered the hotly contested tablet race. Were people going to primarily use the Kindle Fire to read e-books? To watch movies? To buy products off of Amazon? Would the Kindle Fire outsell the iPad?

While most were not sure of how successful the Kindle Fire would be, one of our SurveyMonkey Audience customers, RBC Capital Markets, wanted to take a stance and forecast trends around Amazon’s potential revenue and profit from this new device. In order to do so, they needed insight into how people were using their Kindle Fires.

Just a week after the release of the new product, RBC fielded a survey to Kindle Fire owners.  Using SurveyMonkey Audience, they were able to identify respondents that had purchased Kindle Fires in the past seven days.  The survey turned up some interesting results and got covered in a recent article.  Among the results RBC uncovered:

  • The Kindle Fire is likely to be more profitable than expected
  • 71% of users read e-books on the device, while 39% browse the web, and 29% play games
  • 72% of respondents had not used the product to buy physical goods from

So, whether you’re trying to survey Kindle Fire owners, people who subscribe to cable television, or women who exercise a few times a week – SurveyMonkey Audience can help you reach your targeted audience. Click here to get started.

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