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Innovative Presentation Software Company Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Gather Consumer Feedback

Innovative Presentation Software Company Uses SurveyMonkey Audience to Gather Consumer Feedback

The dreaded never-ending presentation–we’ve all been there. You know the ones–each slide looks exactly the same, there’s a forest of bullet points and huge chunks of text to struggle through–it’s tough just to keep your eyes open. But presentations are necessary–they’re a critical part of keeping a project’s stakeholders on the same page–something that’s becoming increasingly important as companies and organizations conduct business from across the globe.

So, how can we keep presentations from turning into snooozefests? Say hello to Prezi, a new cloud-based presentation tool that helps you organize your thoughts and share your ideas in visually exciting ways. This young but growing company has been impressing customers with innovative features like their signature zooming presentation software and interactive whiteboards that allow teams to collaborate virtually.

Given the popularity of their product offering, the team at Prezi decided to increase their marketing efforts. However, before doing so, they wanted to gain a better understanding of the challenges consumers face using existing presentation tools and determine their brand perception within the presentation software marketplace.

To accomplish these distinct but equally important goals, Prezi turned to SurveyMonkey Audience for access to the consumers who could ultimately provide these necessary insights. For this project, Prezi wanted to hear from potential customers—namely people regularly creating presentations for internal and external organization stakeholders. After reviewing SurveyMonkey Audience’s targeting criteria, Prezi selected an Audience of people who are employed full-time or part-time within advertising, strategy and analysis, management, research, marketing, or sales functions at their organizations.

Ultimately, the team at Prezi collected significant findings about how this specific demographic communicates with fellow employees, bosses, and clients in this increasingly globalized world. One fact remained clear: working professionals have a need for smarter, more intuitive tools in order to effectively collaborate with colleagues — a key finding for this up-and-coming company.

Interested in Prezi’s survey findings? Click here to read an overview of their project’s goals, the survey’s results, and Prezi’s next steps.

Looking for feedback from your target demographic? Get started with SurveyMonkey Audience today! 

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