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Presidential Poll Tracker, Part 2

Presidential Poll Tracker, Part 2

Last week, we unveiled a special project we’ve been working on–our effort to estimate voting preferences in the upcoming election.

We reported that of the 810,477 likely voters who completed the survey, 47.1% planned on voting for Barack Obama and 45.2% planned on voting for Mitt Romney. 

This week, we’re proud to report that we’ve passed the million mark! That’s right, over a milllion U.S. Voters have filled out our survey to tell us about their voting preferences in the upcoming presidential election. As of yesterday, our data indicates that 48.09% plan on voting for Obama and 47.27% plan on voting for Romney.

NEW this week, we also have an electoral college estimation for you as well with Obama collecting 273 electoral votes to Romney’s 265. 

SurveyMonkey’s internet poll shows similar numbers to publicly available phone poll data (who all show Obama winning also), but ours show a much tighter race between the two candidates. In this week’s report, we also explain exactly HOW we weight our raw data, and WHY we do it.

Want to know more? Read the full story in the pdf below…

Stay tuned for more results!

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7 thoughts on “Presidential Poll Tracker, Part 2

  1. Stan Poe says:

    Very much hoping that your data turns out to be wrong! Praying, actually!

  2. nGet says:

    It will be Stan. The internet has a lot of loud liberals whereas conservatives don’t tend to participate in this kind of public show of loyalty, which skews the polls in the liberals favor.

    Come Nov. 4, Obama will be gone.

  3. NGET says:

    EIther one gets elected it wont make a difference. You both live in a dream world where the president has the magic wand to change everything.

  4. Jeepinjester says:

    Where can I take the SurveyMonkey election survey without having to log-in using my Facebook account. At least that is what I noticed (was offered) after taking another SurveyMonkey survey unrelated to the election or I declined for obvious reasons (for example, I don’t want to provide SurveyMonkey access to my Facebook. If this is considered valid methodology, I’d suggest that the SurveyMonkey election surveys are terribly flawed.

    1. Sheila G says:

      Hi there, our election survey follows the end of any other SurveyMonkey survey. So if you complete a different survey, you’ll see another page that will direct you to the election survey.

  5. justin says:

    Seriously? Every article I read has several loudmouth conservatives commenting on it, even ones from liberal leaning sources.

  6. informed and educated says:

    Hey nGet,

    Come Nov 6th, not the 4th (what are you trying to do, spread mis-information, a.k.a. lies), Obama will remain! And if conservatives don’t “tend to participate in this kind of public show of loyalty”, why are you on here commenting?

    Crawl back under your rock of ignorance and stupidity. I’ll wake you up should a Republi-con be elected in the future.

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